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Himalaya Wellness - AyurSlim Capsules, Reduce Obesity, 100% Vegetarian, 60 capsules 

Himalaya Wellness - AyurSlim Capsule is an all- natural wellness product. This product is considered effective in reducing excess weight.


Himalaya Wellness - AyurSlim Capsules are completely herbal. The medicine is made with

• Garcinia cambogia- Slows down reduces ability of the body to store fat.

• Terminalia chebula- Detoxes the body and eliminates impurities.

• Gymnema sylvestre- Reduces intestinal power to absorb and store glucose.

• Indian bdellium- Comes with strong purification and rejuvenation properties.

• Fenugreek seeds- Act as appetite suppressant; also makes stomach filled with less food.

Health Benefits 

Himalaya Wellness - AyurSlim Capsules are known to be good for obese. People who have 20% more weight than the standard are known to be suffering from obesity. More weight might lead to critical illnesses like hypertension, arthritis, gall bladder issues, sleep apnea.

Ayurslim capsules can provide relief from these issues by

• Weight reduction.

• Reducing sugar craving.

• Controlling hyperlipidemia.

Ayurslim reduces weight by

• Reducing food cravings, which in turn cuts off calories and carbohydrates.

• Leads to optimum utilisation of nutrients in the body.

• Synthesises fatty acids, which reduces fat accumulation.


Himalaya Herbals started manufacturing wellness and beauty products in 1930. This drugs company follows Ayurvedic principles to prepare the medicine.

• Ayurveda herbal product.

• 1 bottle contains 60 capsules.

• Made with pure natural ingredients.

• Devoid of adverse effects on health.


To get the best results, Himalaya Wellness - AyurSlim Capsules should be used as per the below schedule.

• Have 2 tablets each day.

• Consume the medicine after meals.

• Consult the doctor or dietician before having the medicine.


Himalaya Wellness - AyurSlim Capsules can stay effective and fresh for long if the following steps are followed.

• Kept at a cool and dry place.

• Kept away from direct sunlight.

• Stored in the provided airtight container.

• Include at least 20 minutes exercise in daily routine.

• Break down the food regime into small meals.

• Have more fruits and green leafy vegetables.

• Drink at least 4-5 litres of water every day.

• Reduce the consumption of processed food and aerated drinks to get better and quick results.

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Awesome service

Great service and quality

Me Likey!

Me like the products.

Good product

It does work. But you have to maintain a little diet and exercise,walk to loose weight.