Kondapalli Kalyan Mandapam(Marriage Set)

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Kondapalli Kalyan Mandapam (Marriage Set), Sankranthi Special, Home Décor, Traditional Multicolour Toy, Authentic Kondapalli Product, 7*6*6 inch, 2.32 kg




Kondapali Kalyan Mandapam is a very famous home decor product from the hills of Andhra Pradesh. During the occasion of Navaratri and Sankranti, people use this for furnishing their home.

• Soft woods of Kondapalli forest, Tella Poniki is used for this item.

• The colour of peace and purity, white is generally used as the colour of the cloths.

• Vibrant colours like yellow, white, green and red are used to decorate the mandap.

• Bride, groom and pandit sit inside the well designed mandap and the two musicians sit outside. 

• Based on the traditional Hindu Indian wedding style this marriage set consists of a wooden bride and groom along with two musicians and a pandit.




This age old toy is not only a decoration product but also reflect the tradition and culture of Andhra.

• This handmade item is a very good gift for kids.

• Painted with oil and water paints, this product is harm free for children.

• With proper care sharp edges has been removed.

• This environment friendly product is available in a gift box.


Maintenance and Care


This unique work of art can be restored for a long time by following the below mentioned steps

• Clean it regularly to keep it shiny.

• Don’t use water, it can damage the material.

• Use soft and dry cloths to clean.

• Might break if falls from a good height.


Product Information:


Sizes: 6 X 6 X 7 IN or 16 X 16 X 18 CM 

Actual weight - 0.00 Kg, Volumetric weight - 22X22X24 =2.32kg (Inclusive of packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight. 

Product ID : 645318



Note - This product will be made in different colors. At the time of purchase, Depending on available color order will be fulfilled. The available color will be notified if it is not matching with product picture color. Up on confirmation from customer either we proceed with order or we refund the amount which includes that particular product shipping. 




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What a beauty. Nice décor for Sankranthi.

This wedding set is ideal to give a happy, traditional look to my house. The figurines are perfectly carved out of wood.