Organic Unpolished Little Millet

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Organic Unpolished Little Millet, 100% Organic, Good for Diabetic Patients, Gluten Free, 4/10/15/18kg

Organic Unpolished Little Millet are white grained cereal. This pack contains original Little Millet, manufactured in India. This form of millets is rich in nutrients and is also tasty.


Organic Unpolished Little Millet is 100% pure form of millet. 100gm of Little Millet contains

• 342kcal

• 2.6gm fat

• 8.7gm protein

• 2.5gm dietary fibre

• 69.6gm carbohydrate 

Health Benefits 

Organic Unpolished Little Millet is termed as Ancient Grains. This is an ideal choice for diabetic patients because

• Boosts weight loss

• Good for heart health

• It balance the blood sugar levels


This packet of organic unpolished Little Millet is

• Gluten free

• 0% added sugar

• Raw, hulled and cleaned

• Lower glycemic index than rice

• Comes with a shelf life of 6 months from the date of packaging


Organic Unpolished Little Millet 

• Should be cooked like rice

• Millets cook best on slow heat 

• Should be stored at a cool and dry place 

• Should be stored in an airtight container after the packet is unsealed


 Organic Unpolished Little Millet can be use to cook porridge, Pongal, kheer, Upma and kichdi.

 Prepare healthy millet lemon rice with Little Millet grains. Add 2 cups of water to the millet and let it simmer. Fluff it. Heat 1 table spoon of oil and add mustard seeds, red chilly, urad dal and peanuts. Roast the mix and then add ginger, chillies, curry leaves. Add hing, turmeric and hing to the mixture. Put off the flame and add the boiled millet. Mix with lemon juice and salt. Serve hot with chutney.

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Organic Unpolished Little Millet

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