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Patanjali Harad Murabba, 100% Organic, Memory booster, 1 kilo jar

Patanjali products are famous for the quality and taste. Each of the products have been made as per Ayurvedic principles. One such magical product is Harad Murabba. Murabba contains memory improving qualities. Thus this mixture has become popular amongst all. Make it a part of your daily diet plan to improve lifestyle.


This herbal product is made with 

• Sugar

• Harad (Terminalia chebula Retz.)

Health Benefits

Like other healthcare products of Patanjali, this mixture has also proven benefits. 

• This Murabba has antioxidant power. This power improves immunity.

• Murabba has laxative properties. It’s known to heal constipation.

• This is known to provide relief from ailments like headache, hair greying and dyspepsia.

• This product can provide relief from health issues like piles, low appetite and digestive disorder.

• This mixture has some cooling properties. Thus it helps to heal mouth ulcer and eye disease.


Patanjali is a world famous brand. Since 2006 these products have received several appreciations around the globe.World famous yoga guru Ram Dev Baba is the founder of this brand.Unique for its features, these products have great demand in the global market. Few important features of this mixture are

• It is available in 1 kg jar.

• It’s a very good product for children. 

• This mixture has a shelf life of 12 months.

• No chemical has been used for its preparation.

• It has been made completely in a traditional style.

Usage/ Dose

For better results use Harad Murabba following the mentioned steps.

• This can be taken take twice a day.

• 20 to 30 gram of this mixture can be taken every day. 

• Patients should consult a doctor before consuming this mixture.


To retain the quality and freshness of Patanjali Harda Murabba for a long time, follow few simple steps.

• Avoid direct sunlight.

• This can be refrigerated as well.

• Store this at a normal room temperature.


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