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Patanjali Kesar: 100% Herbal, Organic Seasoning and Colouring Agent, SUggested for Pregnant Ladies, 1 gram

Patanjali kesar is another natural way to boost the goodness of health of the user. This is a spice which is derived from a flower, which is known by the name of Crocus Sativus.


This 1 gram packet of Patanjali kesar is made from Saffron. No other chemical or additional sugar is added to the packet.

Ayurveda Properties 

Saffron is a versatile herb which can enhance the appetite; for this reason it is added to various cuisines. It is also known to reduce hair fall and suntan. In Sanskrit, Kesar is termed as Tridoshara, which means destroyer of aggravation in the body.

Health Benefits 

Saffron is a natural powerhouse. Also known as Zafaran or Kesar, Saffron 

• Can reduce issues like asthma or breathing problems.

• Can reduce the occurrence of indigestion.

• Can provide relief from body ache and stress.

• Can add as a supplement to dry skin.

• Is known to add glow and can reduce dark pigmentation; pregnant woman are often asked to have saffron so that the baby is born fair, mentally fit and with a strong nervous system.


You should intake Patanjali Kesar on,y after consulting a doctor.

• One should have kesar twice a day.

• 10 to 15 gram saffron should be consumed every day.

• One should have saffron with warm milk.

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