Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice (1 kg)

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Patanjali Lashkari Kolam Rice (1 kg), Best for Preparing Pongal, Biryani, Idli & Fried Rice, Filled with Vitamins & Antioxidants, Available in 1kg Packet

Patanjali Lashkari Kolam rice is an ideal option for preparing sweet pongal, biryani, idli and fried rice. Its rich aroma and taste has made this rice one of the best rice item for celebrating any occasion. To ensure the quality and nutritive values, modern machines have been used for preparing Patanjali Lashkari Kolam rice. So order this rice today and share the taste of joy with your family and loved ones.


Premium quality paddy collected from the rich belt of Telangana are the main source of Patanjali Lashkari Kolam rice. Appropriate weather and soil of Telangana enhances the quality of this rice.

Health Benefits

In the year 2006 Baba Ramdev along with Acharya Balkrishna established Patanjali. Since then this brand has received multiple appreciation across the world. The main motive of Patanjali is to establish the science of Ayurveda in accordance with the latest technology. Following the tradition Patanjali has brought this Lashkari Kolam rice. This rice has many health benefits which affects us positively.

• This rice is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, protein and other nutrients.

• It has good amount of fiber. Fiber is known to cure the problem of constipation.

• This rice contains iron and calcium. These elements are very good for our bones.

• It is considered to be a high energy food. 


Patanjali products are known for unique feature and quality. Each of these products are made hygienically with the modern technology. This Patanjali Lashkari Kolam rice has also followed the same guidelines. Some of the unique features of this rice are

• It has a shelf life of 24 months.

• This rice comes in a package of 1 kg.

• This product is completely vegetarian.

• Each grain of this rice is long and slender. 

• This rice is famous for its rich aroma and taste.

• Patanjali Lashkari Kolam rice falls under the category of Basmati Rice.

• The packaging style of this rice is different from others. This helps the rice to stay hygienic and safe for a longer time.

Usage/ Dose

For the best experience follow some easy steps.

• Soak this rice for 30 minutes before boiling.

• Always cook this rice in medium heat.

• Before serving remove the boiling water completely and leave it for few minutes.

• Patients should consult physician before consuming this rice on regular basis.


For maintaining the quality of this rice follow the below mentioned steps.

• After opening the pack store this in an air tight container.

• Red chilies can be added, this will keep the rice safe from insects.

• Try to avoid direct sunlight and keep it at a normal room temperature.

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