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Patanjali Milk Powder: 100% Cow Milk, Rich Source of Calcium, 26% Fat, 200 grams

Patanjali Milk Powder is a perfect alternative to fresh cow’s milk. It has a long shelf life than the liquid form of milk but is devoid of any harmful chemicals.


Patanjali Milk Powder is made by evaporating liquid cow milk. It can be used to make various dishes and desserts like burfi, halwa or kheer.

Ayurveda Properties 

Patanjali Cow’s Milk is a good source of vitamins and minerals. According to Ayurveda, cow’s milk can 

• Nourish all the tissues

• Can help to balance emotions. 

• Promote Ojas which can bring happiness, contentment and a strong immune system.

Cow’s milk is very beneficial and a must n any vegetarian diet. It is rich in

• Protein

• Calcium

• Vitamin D

• Carbohydrate

Health Benefits 

Also popularly called as Patanjali Cow’s Whole Milk Powder retains the beneficial nutrients like amino acids.

• Can improve eyesight.

• Strengthen teeth, bones and muscles.


Patanjali Cow’s Milk 

• Comes with a shelf life of 6 months.

• Mix it with other ingredients to make any dish; it should be avoided mixing with fish or meat.

• Have a glass of hot milk before sleep to boost the growth of blood cells.

• Avoid having milk right out of the freezer it might caused indigestion problems.


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Powdered milk at a good price

I have ordered this product many times and very much enjoyed it