Vamana Guntalu

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Ancient Living-Vamana Guntalu, Easy to Set, Andhra Special Indoor Game, 18*3 inch, Made with Wood, 2 Players




Also known as Pallanghuzi or Mancala, this is a popular indoor game from Andhra Pradesh.

• The playing board is light brown in colour. The boars is foldable.

• The board and the seeds are made from wood.

• The playing board weighs 0.85kg.

• There are 10 pits, 5 in each row; there are 2 rows each joined with each other.

• The board comes with a lid with the name of the brand inscribed on the cover.




The Vamana Guntalu from Ancient Living is an ideal gift item on birthdays because 

• It is made from good quality wood and is perfectly polished.

• Light weight and a durable gift item.

• It has an approximate life of 4 years.


How to play:


Though the detailed playing instructions are mentioned with the game inside the box, before you gift or buy, know how to play this traditional game.

• There are 10 pits and a handful of seeds.

• 2 people can play this game together.

• A player needs to select a pot at the beginning of the game and 5 seeds can be put in each pit.

• The seeds are gradually sown from one pit to the other.

• After this, the player can collect all the seeds from one of the pits on his/her side and then again place one seed in each pit in an counter-clockwise manner. If the player lands at an empty pit at the end, he/she can take all the seeds from the opponent’s pit. 

• The prime objective of the game is to gather more seeds than the opponents.


Product Information:


Sizes: 18 X 3 X 3 In or 45 X 8 X 8 cm

Actual weight - 0.85 Kg, Volumetric weight - 47X10X10/5000 = 0.95 Kg(Including packing). The shipping weight is calculated as whichever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.

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