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Buy Indian Pickles Online in the USA

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Indian Pickles - A Must have Condiment Along with Food

A true Indian will never forget the taste and aroma of the food he has tasted in whichever part of the world he may be. It will not be an exaggeration to say that an Indian is addicted to something as humble as “pickle” more popularly called “Achar” in the Indian language. Even if a large spread of food is laid in front of him, enjoying these delicacies is incomplete without eating the condiment called ‘Achar’. This so-called Indian Pickle or Indian Achar is known for its taste, aroma and quality. Any Indian meal is incomplete without it. 

Indian Pickles are made keeping in mind the tastes of every age group. You can choose Red Chilli Tamarind Pickle if hot and tangy flavour is what you prefer or try out sour lemon/Nimbu achar. Beans pickle/sem achar and cauliflower pickle/Gobhi Achar can be tried if you are looking to try out something which has vegetables thereby adding up nutritive value along with the taste.

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North Indian Pickles:

North Indians like pickles which are tangy, a bit sweet and a bit spicy. One can opt for a mixed vegetable pickle which has a sweet and sour taste and goodness of all the vegetables.  For example, Ginger/Adrak pickle is a very popular spice in the North. Green chill pickle/Hari Mirch pickle is also a favourite for its color and taste.

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South Indian Pickles:

A unique feature about Indian pickles is that there is a difference in taste keeping in mind the region in which the pickle is made. For instance, South Indian Pickles are different from North Indian Pickles which are again different from East Indian Pickles. This is because the locally available spices are used to make specific pickles which give it the respective taste.

South Indians prefer pickles which are hot, spicy and sour. One can try out Roselle pickle/Ambadi char which is a favourite among South Indians. They simply mix it with rice and eat, which is their comfort food. Ulvacharu is another popular South Indian recipe that is served on special occasions like weddings, parties, large gatherings etc. Made with ulavalu, which is horse gram, tamarind and spices to a thick soup-like gravy. This instant preparation has to be mixed with water and served hot with steaming rice.

Karela pickle/bitter gourd pickle is also popular because of its bittersweet taste.

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Indian Pickles available in USA and Canada

Just as Indian cuisine is popular worldwide, Indian condiments i.e. Indian Pickles are not far behind. Be it scarlet gourd pickle or a simple mango pickle or Garlic/Lahsun pickle or Coriander leaves pickle; you name any vegetable and fruit and you have a tangy pickle made out of it.

While it is easier to find these in Indian households, as they are made by many ladies for their families, they may not be easily available in stores outside India. However, Distacart makes it possible to have them on your dining table even outside India especially in countries like the USA and Canada. Please search for Indian Pickles online in the USA to get the product exclusively for you.

Pickles FAQs:

1. Are Indian Pickles fermented?

The flavors and spices that are used while preparing Indian pickles act as natural preservatives as the acid produced by them prevents the growth of bacteria that could spoil the preparations.

2. Are pickles good for health?

Pickles are made from naturally available spices and herbs. As such they have lot of healthy minerals and nutrients such as magnesium and iron which are useful for the metabolism and proper functioning of our body.

3. How can I get Indian pickles in the USA?

Indian pickles are not available easily outside India. One can get these by ordering them online. All you need to do is, place an order of Indian pickles online on Distacart and that’s all. You will get the same delivered at your doorsteps.