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Buy North Indian Sweets Online - The Life of Indian Food

North India is synonymous with parantha, kebabs, and spicy curries; what makes these meals complete, are mouthwatering desserts. Crispy hot and sweet jalebis or the deep-fried gulab jamun, laced with sugar syrup are irresistible. Festivity or not, you will always find an excuse to savor these authentic North Indian sweets. 

Sweets are known by various names in the Indian subcontinent's various languages, one of which is Mithai. Mithai (sweets) are Indian confectionery and desserts. Thousands of dedicated shops sell only sweets in many south Asian countries.

The composition and recipes of the sweets and other ingredients vary by region. Mithai are sometimes served with meals and are used in the Indian subcontinent as a form of greeting, celebration, religious offering, gift-giving, parties, and hospitality.

Distacart brings to you a complete array of North Indian sweets right at your doorsteps. Stack your refrigerator or kitchen cupboard with some of the below-mentioned popular sweets from North India. This culinary amazement originated in North India but is relished across the globe. 



Jangiri or Imarti has made its way into everyone's hearts, shaped like a flower, cooked hot, and dipped in sweet syrup. This wonderful Indian delicacy has long been a staple of our celebrations.

This sugary, fried treat developed in Northern India during the Mughal Empire. On the other hand, the people of Kerala gave the name Jangiri or Kangri. Jangiri or Imarti is frequently confused with Jalebi due to their similar appearances; Jalebi is made with maida, while Jangiri is made with urad dal, the latter is naturally healthier. Even though both are fried in hot oil and then dipped in sugar syrup


Anniversaries, weddings, Diwali or Navratri, North India loves sharing any good news or moments with Laddu. Distacart brings to you these balls of happiness in multiple flavors; Motichoor laddu, Shahi Laddu and Besan Laddu, to name a few. Looking for some health in your sweets? Opt for the Mithaiwala Resin and Ragi Laddu to boost stamina, health and immunity.


Hailing from Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, these thick and semi-soft pieces of desserts come with a long shelf life. The milky white Doodh peda are generally served during pooja. These sweets simply melts into your mouth, leaving behind the exotic flavor of cardamom and milk. 

Kaju Katli:

Kaju katli, also known as Kaju Barfi, is a traditional Indian delicacy with a diamond form created with cashew nuts, sugar, cardamom powder, and ghee butter. This delicious confection is frequently wrapped in edible silver foil to represent luxury and gratitude for the consumer.

It is generally eaten during the Diwali celebration, but it also makes an excellent present for friends and family on other occasions; because nuts have a low glycemic index, people with diabetes can consume Kaju katli. Calcium that is high in magnesium can help reduce the risk of diabetes.


Sweet lovers seeking less sweetness in their desserts, will love the Anjeer and Ajmeri Kalakand from Mithaiwala. The colorful Sev Kalakand garnished with cashew nuts and pistachios are perfect North Indian sweets online gift items.

Soan Papdi:

Soan papdi is a sugar-based confection twisted into thin strands that resemble cotton candy. It has a flaky texture, a crisp texture, and melts in the mouth. It is typically served in cubes and decorated with chopped pistachio nuts or rolled paper cones. Mango, strawberry, pineapple, and chocolate are just a few of the flavorings added.


Halwa is the traditional Indian pudding. Bandar Halwa or Bombay Halwa are yummy and marvelous North Indian sweet recipes to meet your small hunger pangs. Stuffed with nuts and with a super-silky texture, these sweets are perfect for any special celebration.  


Burfi is one of the most popular cubes of sweetness from North India. Bikaneri Burfi, Moong Dal Burfi, Coconut Burfi, Kova Pista Burfi, Kesar Dry Fruit Burfi; you will be spoilt for choices on Distacart. Chocolate Burfi from Distacart is a twist to traditional burfi recipes.

Duty-Free Sweet Delivery:

Distacart brings to you the most creative and super tasty sweets. Enjoy attractive discounts on all types of North Indian desserts on Distacart. We provide duty-free delivery of North Indian sweets online across USA and Canada.


1. Which are the popular North India sweets?

Motichoor Laddu, Doodh Peda, Badam Halwa, Balushai and Bikaneri Burfi are some of the most popular sweets from North India.

2. Are North Indian sweets healthy?

Sweets like Ragi Laddu and Resin Laddu are extremely healthy. These sweets can keep you warm in winters, boost your health and stamina.

3. How can I pay for the sweets on Distacart?

You can pay via net banking, Paypal, credit and debit cards.

4. Can North Indian sweets be frozen?

Yes. Sweets like Ice Cream Burfi and Kova Pista Burfi stays fresh and tasty for long if refrigerated.

5. Can I get sweet boxes from Distacart? 

Yes. Assorted sweet boxes from Distacart are extensively gifted on Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Holi and Sankranthi.

6. What is the shelf life of North Indian sweets online?

The average shelf life for many sweets is 5-7 days

7. Which are some of the famous fruit sweets from North India?

Anjeer rolls, dry fruit kalakand and coconut burfi are some of the most famous North Indian fruit sweets

8. Which are the famous North Indian desserts with milk?

Doodh peda and Bikaneri Burfi

9. Can you gift wrap these North Indian sweets?

Yes. Distacart can gift wrap the sweets. These are available in attractive sweet boxes and can be sent directly to the recipient address.

10. Which North Indian desserts should be served chilled?

Mithaiwala Ice Cream Burfi and Malai Burfi tastes delicious when served chilled. 

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