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South Indian Sweets

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South Indian Sweets

South India is especially known for its jaggery and coconut-based sweets. Distacart sources its large array of South Indian sweets from the top sweet makers of the region. Confectionery brands like Pulla Reddy and Vellanki Foods have decades of experience in preparing traditional Indian sweets.

Some traditional South Indian desserts which are irresistible are:

Mysore Pak:

Warm and rich, Mysore Pak is neither too mushy nor too dry. Laced with generous amount of ghee and lightly flavored in cardamom, this South Indian sweets online USA brings about an instant drool. Mysore Pak is majestic, as it originated from the royal kitchens of Mysore Palace.

Paper Sweets/ Pootharekulu:

Stuffed with jaggery and dry fruits, these sweets are legends in the history of South Indian desserts. The thin layers of rice flour melts in your mouth, leaving behind the chewy flavors of nuts and sweetness of jaggery.


Also called Obbattu and Puran Poli, this dessert recipe is another landmark in the sweet history of South India. Layered with maida and stuffed with sweetened Bengal gram, these flatbreads are usually served during Diwali and Ugadi. Now you can get these famous South Indian sweets in USA.


Originated from Andhra Pradesh, Boorelu are deep fried sweet balls. The perfect balance of Bengal gram, coconut, jaggery, sugar and cardamom enhance the flavor of this South Indian sweet dish.

Dry Fruit Sweets:

South Indian sweets are heavily dependent on dry fruits. The Dry fruit chikki, kismis kalakand or dry fruit kathili are enriched with the goodness of nuts. Take a bite of these dry fruit sweets and keep yourself warm and energetic.

Coconut Laddu:

Made with freshly grated coconut, these sweets are chewy in texture. Mouthwatering and delicious smelling, the coconut laddu brings the traditional taste of South Indian sweets in USA right at your home.

Distacart endeavors to make your celebrations complete with its wide range of South Indian sweets. We provide express delivery of the sweets, within 3-4 days, right at your doorsteps. 


1. What are the most popular South Indian sweets?

Pootharekulu, Ariselu, Gavvalu, Sunnivundalu and Ghee Mysore Pak are some of the renowned sweets from South India.

2. What are the charges for South Indian sweets delivery?

Distacart delivers sweets across USA and Canada duty free.

3. Which sweet is famous in Andhra Pradesh?

Pootharekulu or paper sweets are some of the most famous sweets from Andhra Pradesh.

4. Can I get South Indian sweets in Canada?

Yes. Distacart delivers sweets to Canada without charging any duty.

5. Are South Indian sweets available in assorted packs?

Yes. Pulla Reddy Assorted Sweets are extremely popular as gifts.

6. Where can I buy Andhra Sweets online?

Distacart delivers Andhra sweets from the top confectionery brands to USA and Canada.

7. Where can I buy famous South Indian sweets online?

You can get Indian sweets from all famous brands at Distacart.

8. Can you gift wrap the South Indian sweets online?

Yes. Distacart offers gift packing on sweets. These are available in attractive gift boxes. You can also ask to add a personalized message to the gift pack.

9. Can I refrigerate South Indian sweets?

Yes. You can refrigerate sweets like Pulla Reddy Chocolate Burfi and Vellanki Foods Kaju Pista Roll.

10. What is the approximate shelf life of South Indian sweets?

Approximately 5-7 days.