Milton Meal Mate Tiffin 3 box Insulated

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Milton Meal Mate Tiffin 3 box Insulated, Made with Premium Quality Plastic, 3 Stainless Steel Containers, 8*5.5*6 inch, 1.32kg


Milton Meal Mate tiffin box is an insulated tiffin box. This is a 3 tiered and double-walled tiffin carrier. Available in different colours, pick one as per your choice. This well-designed tiffin box creates a unique style statement. Super-sleek and high quality, Milton Meal Mate tiffin box keeps food hot and fresh for a long time. 

Weight: 1.32kg.

Dimensions: 8*5.5*6 inch.

Colour: Available in red, grey and yellow colours.

Shape: The insulated box is cylindrical. The steel boxes are round.

Package Content: 3 stainless steel containers. 1 papad tray. 1 steel frame. 1 plastic insulated box.


Milton is a premium maker of thermoware and kitchen accessories. The Milton Meal Mate tiffin box is stylish. It defines the new way of carrying meal to schools and offices. Some unique features of this tiffin box are

• Available in bright colours.

• Special spoon slot. So have food easily on the go.

• Spill-proof. So it is easy to carry curry and sweets.

• Easy to clean. So can be used on a regular basis.

• Double-walled box. This keeps the food hot and fresh for a long time.

• Made with premium quality stainless steel. The tiffin boxes stay rust-free and unbreakable for a long time.

Maintenance & Care 

Keep the Milton Meal Mate tiffin box clean and usable for a long time span. Follow the below tips.

• Clean the stainless steel containers after every use.

• Clean the insulated plastic carrier at least once a week.

• Use mild detergent and lukewarm water to clean the tiffin boxes.

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Very Good Product

Nice Size for Office with Three small Containers . Easy to carry Good Product . Thank you DistaCart