Milton Stainless Steel Lunch Box - 1 Box Insulated Lunch Set

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Milton Stainless Steel Lunch Box - 1 Box Insulated Lunch Set, Additional Roti Plate, 250ml


Milton stainless steel lunch box is a easy to carry set. With just 1 box, it easily slips into handbags. Also called Milton’s Food Fun Tiffin, these are

• Shape: Round.

• Type: Tiffin/ lunch box.

• Capacity: 250 millilitres.

• Dimension: 18*13*13 cm.

• Colour: Yellow, blue, purple & green.

• Item Weight: 900 grams approximately.

• Content: 1 boxes with lid. 1 additional roti plate.

• Uses: Multipurpose. It can be used to carry snacks. Ideal for school as there is a game on top.

• Material: The roti plate is made with stainless steel. The inner surface is made with stainless steel. It has an outer cover of insulated plastic.


This casserole is an ideal gift on birthdays. The Milton’s Food Fun Tiffin box is perfect for executives on the go because

• The strong and sturdy handle makes it easy to hold the tiffin box.

• Made with high grade plastic which gives the box new look for longer time.

• The fine quality stainless steel stays rust free for years.

• The air tight container keeps food fresh for multiple hours.

• The extra roti plate keep the chapati dry and away from sweets and curry.

• The food stays hot for longer duration. The box comes with a double insulated wall.

• The box is attractive with double tone colours. It also comes in a contemporary design.

• The advance design of the insulated tiffin box makes it easily washable.

Maintenance & Care 

The tiffin box can stay new and usable for long time span if the following tips are followed.

• Clean after every use.

• Clean with lukewarm water and dishwasher.

Customer Reviews

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Original product, comes with a box

Really a great value for money. Keeps the roti warm for long hours.

Insulated tiffin box

Milton is a trusted brand in kitchen items, so I thought I would give this product a try. The items looks as shown in the pictures and keep the food warm, when I take my lunch from home