Milton steel Hot & Cold Bottle,350 ml

Milton steel Hot & Cold Bottle-350 ml:


Add style to your every day water needs. This Milton steel hot and cold bottle is vacuum insulated and has

• A capacity of 350 millilitres

• Can retain the temperature of the stored liquid for a whole day (24 hrs)

• Made from pure stainless steel and hence do not react with the stored liquid

• The flask can be used to store fruit juice, tea, coffee, milk or water of any temperature.

The only caution is this Milton steel flask should not be used to store carbonated drinks. The flask is available in gift pack and can be directly delivered to the recipient’s address.


Product Information:


sizes - 10 x 3.5 x 3.5 IN or 26 x 9 x 9 CM 

 Actual weight - 0.67kg, Volumetric weight - 28x11x11/5000 = 0.67kg(Including packing). The shipping weight is calculated as which ever is higher of actual and volumetric weight.

Product Id: 375317