Mithailwala Salted Kaju

Genie India


When your heart craves for a  risky, crunchy evening snacks, the salted Kaju from Mithaiwala becomes your best preference. 


Mithaiwala salted Kaju is light and friendly to your stomach as it made just with 

• Salt

• Cashew nuts

• Vegetable or sunflower oil



Mithaiwala is a brand name in the market of snacks and sweet makers and uses advanced and hygienic methods to make every food item. This packet of salted Kaju is

• Completely vegetarian, a packet of salted cashew nuts from Mithaiwala can be served at any festival or pooja, like Diwali or Navaratri.

• Filled with a balanced amount of preservatives and hence has a long shelf life of as long as 6 months.

• Available in attractive gift packets and can be directly sent to the recipient’s address with a personalized message.

• The Mithaiwala cashew Kaju comes in medium and large packs (500g, 1kg, and 2kg) to suit the unique needs of the customers.


Shelf Life : 30 Days

Product ID: 368704