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Vellanki Foods - Spicy Peanuts / Karam Palli, Made with Peanuts, 100% Vegetarian, Spice Tea Snacks, Available in 500gm, 1kg & 2kg Packets


The spicy peanuts or Karam Palli from the Vellanki Foods is a tasty snacks recipe. When the guests come and you need to offer something to nibble while mingling, these spicy peanuts sprinkled with hot but delicate spices will makes the party mood even better. 


You will love these oil roasted peanuts seasoned with chili powder, salt, curry leaves and other mild savory spices. It will create a blend of taste and a tangy feeling in your mouth. The Spicy Peanuts or Karam Palli (as you call it!) is made with:

• Salt

• Peanuts

• Chili Powder

• Curry Leaves

• Sunflower Oil



Vellanki Foods is a famous brand in the FMGC industry of Andhra Pradesh. Established in 1989 the establishment is known for its fresh and tasty desserts that are prepared in a hygiene environment. From its humble beginning in Hyderabad, Vellanki Foods has now a worldwide market.

• Vellanki Food’s spicy peanuts are made with the best quality peanuts and spices.

• The ingredients have a shelf life of 7 days.

• These spicy peanuts or Karam Palli are available for shipping throughout the USA.

• These are available in 1kg, 500gm, and 250 gm packs.


These are a few tips that how the spicy peanuts can be kept fresh and tasty:

• Store these spicy peanuts in an airtight container.

• Keep them in room temperature or refrigerate them to keep them intact for a longer period.

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