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Vellanki Foods - Sweet Memories & Traditions

India is a land of culinary art. The expert sweet and snacks makers from Vellanki Foods have nurtured this art since decades. Distacart brings the creative, finest quality and ultimate delicacies fromVellanki Foods right at your doorsteps, across the USA and Canada.


Vellanki Sweets bears the taste of handmade Andhra sweets. Enjoy your festivities with a delightful platter of Kova Kajjikay, Gondh Laddu and Ghee Mysore Pak. Surprise your kids with the Sunnivundalu sweets, filled with jaggery or the bird shaped Chilakalu. Enhance the joy of your happy moments with fragrant and exotic pieces of Indian desserts with Vellanki foods online delivery from Distacart.


Looking for some munchies on a chilly, snowy evening? The crispy and spicy Vellanki Snacks are your best choice. The Sanna Boondi Mixture, Vaampoosa, Kaju pakoda from Vellanki foods online USA can be the morsels from heaven to beat your hunger pangs at odd hours of the day or night.


You are bound to feel nostalgic with the homemade flavors of Vellanki Pickles. This renowned confectionary brand has retained the taste and texture of hundreds of years old pickle recipes. It offers a wide variety of unique and innovative pickles like kakarakaya/ bitter gourd pickle. Good news, with Distacart you can now get these delectable appetizers from Vellanki foods in USA.


Spices are life of Indian cuisines. Vellanki Foods USA brings to you freshly grounded condiments to enhance the flavor of the food. Vellanki Foods Kura Karam or curry powder adds both taste and color to traditional Indian dishes.

Gift Baskets:

Struggling to find authentic Andhra sweets and snacks at USA. Perform traditional rituals of Sankranthi, Diwali, weddings, engagement ceremonies, lagna patrika and langa voni functions with traditional sweetmeats with Vellanki foods online delivery. Distacart brings to you a plethora of luscious Vellanki sweets and snacks right in USA and Canada.

Icing on the top; Distacart offers a wide variety of Vellanki foods delivery to USA. We can provide you these confectionery delicacies in decorative trays, attractive boxes and baskets. Unable to honor an invitation? Do not worry; we can gift wrap and send Vellanki confectionery items right at the recipient address.


1. When was Vellanki Foods established?

It was established in the year 1989

2. Where is Vellanki Foods located?

It is located in Hyderabad, Telangana with 4 branches.

3. What are the famous Vellanki Foods sweets?

Karjura burfi, Anjeera rolls, butter burfi, ghee badusha and coconut laddu are some of the most popular sweets from Vellanki Foods.

4. What are the famous Vellanki snacks?

Murukulu, Janthikalu, Chekkalu, Masala peanuts, and Hot and Spicy Kaju are some of the most popular snacks from the brand.

5. Can I get Vellanki Foods sweets and snacks in Canada?

Yes. Distacart provides duty free delivery of sweets and snacks from Vellanki Foods in Canada.

6. How can I pay for Vellanki Foods online?

Distacart offers multiple payment options, like Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, and net banking.

7. Do you deliver fresh Vellanki Foods confectionary items?

Yes. Distacart sources fresh sweets and snacks every day from Vellanki Foods.

8. How to store Vellanki snacks?

Store in an airtight container.

9. How to store Vellanki sweets?

Refrigerate to improve the shelf life.

10. Can I gift the confectionary items from Vellanki Foods?

Yes. Distacart gift packs the sweets and snacks. We can also ship these directly to the recipient's address.