Vellanki Telangana Chekkalu

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Vellanki Telangana Chekkalu, 100% Natural, Lip Smacking Evening Snacks, 500gm/ 1kg pack

Vellanki Telangana Chekkalu is a popular snack during any South Indian festival. Chekkalu is often termed as a rice cracker due to its crispiness. The snacks item originated in Telangana. This crunchy snack is equally loved by kids and adults. Chekkalu is also known as Nippattu in Karnataka and Thattai in Tamil Nadu.


Vellanki Telangana Chekkalu is a perfect blend of spices and nuts. The key ingredients in the recipe are

• Salt

• Spices 

• Peanuts

• Coriander

• Rice flour

• Cumin seeds

• Curry leaves

• Sesame seeds

• Green chillies

• Sunflower oil 


Vellanki Foods is a popular name in the market of South Indian sweets and snacks. The brand was founded at Hyderabad.  Telangana Chekkalu is a unique recipe from the brand. It comes with the following characteristics.

• Comes with a shelf life of 7 days

• Available in a travel-friendly packet

• Comes with a thin crust which easily melts in the mouth

• As made with spices, nuts, and rice flour, Chekkalu is a nutritious evening snacks.

• Can be directly sent to the recipient address.

• You can put a personalised gift message on the box.


Vellanki Telangana Chekkalu can stay fresh and edible for long if the following tips.

• Do not refrigerate 

• Store in an airtight jar

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