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Sankranthi is one of the most unique Indian festivities of trying out different kinds of cuisines made from rice and milk. Nuvvula Arisalu is another such lip smacking traditional desserts. This South Indian recipe is also popular during Ramzan. It is also savoured during Dusherra, Dipavali and weddings. This sweet dish is known as Ariselu at Andhra Pradesh, Kajjaya in Kannada and Adhirasam in Tamil.




Nuvvula Arisalu is made from common Indian ingredients. While jaggery adds sweetness to the dish, cardamom makes it refreshing.

• Oil

• Rice

• Jaggery

• Sesame seeds 

• Cardamom powder 


Health Benefits 


Besides adding a tinge of sweetness to the taste buds after a spicy lunch or dinner, Nuvvula Arisalu also adds nutrients to the body.

• Jaggery or gur acts as a great detoxifier and is known to be better for health as compared to white sugar.

• Sesame seeds or til come with the ability to balance blood pressure, build bones and boost heart health.

• Rice comes with a host of health benefits which include providing instant energy, regulate bowel movements and stabilise the blood sugar levels.

• Cardamom powder can help the body fight against digestive problems, heartburn, acidity and increase appetite.




Making Nuvvula Arisalu is a time consuming process and this packet relieves you of the hassle without compromising on the taste.

• It is made from fine quality rice and freshly made jaggery.

• Nuvvula Arisalu comes in a sealed packet and can be stored for as long as 20 days.




• Savour this South Indian delicacy cool.

• Store Nuvvula Arisalu in an air tight container.

So this readymade preparation of Nuvvula Arisalu makes it easy to serve your guests with a delectable Indian cuisine on Sankranthi.


Shelf Life: 15 days


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