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Pulla Reddy Sweets - Feel The Taste of Quality:

G Pulla Reddy Sweets is a renowned name in the market of Indian Sweets. Started at Kurnool, now Pulla Reddy is an established confectionery brand in Hyderabad. Decades of experience and innovation are now right at your doorsteps. We bring the best sweets from G Pulla Reddy to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and many more countries.

PullaReddy sweets, the authentic Telugu sweet shop is known for its mouthwatering confectionery items. G Pulla Reddy Online sweets revolutionized the sweets market in 1948 and history continues.

Let us check out some of the most delectable sweet dishes from the brand.

Pure Ghee Sweets

Pulla Reddy is famous for its pure ghee sweets. Enjoy the true flavors of Hyderabad with the ghee-dipped sweets of Pulla Reddy. Paper sweet is one of the unique preparations of the brand. Made with thin and transparent rice papers and rolled with jaggery, paper sweets or pootharekulu are mouth-melting. Bobbatlu is flat sweetbreads.

Dry Fruit Sweets

Add some health with taste with an array of dry fruit sweets from G Pulla Reddy. The Kesari Anjeer Roll, Badam Roll, Kaju Pista Roll, Pista Kathili, and Kaju Kathili from Pulla Reddy are so tempting and delectable that one bite will leave you craving for more. 

Assorted Sweets:

With an everyday footfall of approximately 5000 customers at its shops, Pulla Reddy is undoubtedly the first choice for customers during the gifting and festive season. Keeping this in mind, the brand has decided to place all its delicacies in one box. Pulla Reddy sweets online are world-famous. The sweets are very tasty and an assorted sweets box from Pulla Reddy will surely bring a smile to the face of your guest. 

South Special:

Pulla reddy sweets in the USA are renowned for their marvelous South Indian Sweets. Make the festivities more traditional with Ariselu, Boondi Laddu, Gavvalu, and Sunnundalu.

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1. When did Pulla Reddy start selling sweets?

Pulla Reddy started selling sweets from 1948

2. Which are some of the most popular sweets from Pulla Reddy?

Pulla Reddy Special Burfi, Sunnundalu, Soanpatti, Chocolate Burfi, Malai Peda, and Doodh Papdi are some of the best-known sweets from Pulla Reddy.

3. How to keep the Pulla Reddy sweets fresh for long?

Refrigerate the sweets or store them in a cool and dry place.

4. What is the approximate shelf life of Pulla Reddy Sweets?

Approximately 3 months for dry sweets. Sugar syrup-based sweets can stay fresh for approximately 7 days.

5. Are these sweets gift wrapped?

On customer request, we can gift wrap the sweets. We can even add a personalized message.

6. Can you send sweets to the recipient's address?

Yes. We can directly send sweets to the recipient's address across USA and Canada.

7. What time can it take to get Pulla Reddy sweets USA at home?

Distacart offers express delivery services. So, you can get the sweets delivered to your home in just 3-4 days.

8. Can I get fresh sweets from G. Pulla Reddy?

Yes. We get the sweets fresh from the shop after you place the order.

9. Where is G. Pulla Reddy sweet shop?

Pulla Reddy sweet shop is located both at Kurnool and Hyderabad.

10. Does Pulla Reddy manufacture only sweets?

The shop is also well-known for its snack items, like cookies, dry fruits, and namkeen.