Scarlet Gourd Pickle / Dondakaya Pickle

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Scarlet Gourd Pickle / Dondakaya Pickle, Made with Lauki, Andhra Special Pickle Recipe, 100% Vegetarian, Available in 250gm – 2kg Pack


Scarlet gourd pickle or lauki ka achaar is a delectable pickle recipe. This special achaar is specially made at Andhra Pradesh. This pickle is a modern version of okra bhindi achaar.


Dondakaya pickle can be served in all seasons as scarlet gourd is a coolant while the combination of ginger, green chillies and spices generates heat, thus creating a balance.

• Salt

• Ginger

• Turmeric

• Green chillies 

• Mustard seeds 

• Red chilli powder 

• Edible mustard oil 

• Scarlet gourd pieces



This pack of scarlet gourd pickle is made in the traditional homemade way. It is a perfect match with any Indian thali; roti, parantha, dosa, utthapam, pongal or rice. This pack of scarlet gourd pickle is

• Has a shelf life of 2 months.

• Made with farm-fresh scarlet gourd.

• 100% vegetarian and can be served during festivities.

• Available in 250gm, 500gm, 1kg & 2kg packs.


Ensure that this scarlet gourd pickle remains fresh and tasty for a long time span by following the below tips.

• Store in an airtight glass jar.

• Refrigerate or store at a cool and dry place.

• Always scoop out the pickle with a spoon or dry hands.

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My foreigner guests fell in love with this colourful pickle

Scarlet gourd pickle is a modern version of okra bhindi aachaar. I served it to my US friends and they loved its taste.