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Be it Sankranthi, Holi, Raksha Bandhan or Diwali, this dry fruit kathili can bring both health and happiness to your friends and family.


If you are looking for a diet full of nuts, enjoy this dry fruit kathili or burfi from G. Pulla Reddy.

• Anjeer

• Almond

• Cashew

• Pistachios 


Dry fruit kathili or burfi is just not lip smacking but also easy to the stomach. This sweet benefits the body in the following ways.

• Anjeer or fig is a storehouse of minerals and hence protects the body from fatal diseases like cancer, helps in weight loss and are also beneficial for lowering the cholesterol level.

• Almonds on the other hand is rich in healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and Vitamin E.

• Almonds help reducing blood pressure and blood sugar level.

• Almonds are filling and also reduce hunger for a longer time span, enabling more weight loss.

• Cashew are one of the lowest fibre filled nuts which are filled with vitamins E, K and B6.

• Cashews can benefit the heart health, strengthen the bones and gives from breathing problems.


G. Pulla Reddy brings another lip smacking Indian sweet just at your door steps. This sweet is a warm addition to the colours of festivals. G. Pulla Reddy ensures that you get the best dry fruit kathili by

• Making these with high quality dry fruits.

• Providing these in different t weights, ranging from 500g, 1kg to 2kg.


• Do refrigerate for a longer shelf life.

• Keep in an air tight container.

• Serve it as an after meal or a Diwali sweet.


Shelf Life : 7 Days

Pieces Per(1Kg) - 20 Approx.

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