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Vellanki Sweets

Vellanki Foods - Bringing Back the True Flavors of India

Indian sweets or Mithai were traditionally made at Indian homes. As the lifestyle changed and people became more busy, the ritual of making Mithai and namkeen at home almost vanished. Vellanki Foods was built with a mission to deliver traditional Indian sweets, snacks and pickles to Indian homes. Vellanki Sweets are loved by people across the country.


Vellanki Foods is a confectionary brand. It was established in 1989. The company was founded at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. Through all these decades it has earned a name for authentic Indian delicacies. The homely taste, consistent quality and utmost hygiene are some of the reasons for the growing popularity of the confectionary brand.

Let us check out some of the infamous Vellanki sweets online.

Sweets In Jaggery:

On diet but craving for something sweet? Try out the jaggery sweets from Vellanki Foods. Gorumitilu and Pootharekulu are the most famous ones. It is a real art to prepare these delicacies; Vellanki Foods is a true master of this craft. When you bite the thin rice coated filling, tout melts into the mouth, leaving a sweet aftertaste.

Madatha Kaja:

Also called Tapeswaram Kaja, this is a traditional Andhra recipe. Deep fried and laced with sugar syrup, it is generally served during Deepavali and other festivities. We fetch these fresh from Vellanki Foods after you place the order. Serve Madatha Kaja (also called Andhra chirotti) to refresh the childhood memories this festive season.

Candy Sweets:

Vellanki Foods never ceases to amaze sweet lovers with its creative sweet dishes. Bird Shape Chilakalu and mango jelly rolls from this confectionary brand can be easily termed as Indian candies. Made with mango pulp, jelly rolls are spongy and bright. On the other hand, made with sugar and water, Chilakalu comes in an innovative bird design. Soaked in sugar syrup, these sweet candies can become the prime attraction of your kid’s birthday party.

Sweet Biscuits:

Surprise your taste buds with traditional Indian sweet biscuits. Surprise your guests with these tiny, light pieces of delights; serve these with a hot cup of coffee or tea.

Sugar Free Sweets:

Vellanki Sweets does not let anyone go empty handed. They have a sugar free range of sweets to satisfy the taste buds of people suffering from high blood pressure. Vellanki Foods Sugar Free Dry Fruit Burfi is one such variety of Vellanki sweets USA, filled with the goodness of nuts, low in calories and rich in taste.

So next time you plan to celebrate, make it feel truly Indian and traditional with sweets from Vellanki Foods. We make the job easy for you by delivering these divine Indian desserts right at your doorsteps across USA and Canada.


1. Where is Vellanki Foods located?

Hyderabad, Telangana

2. Why is Vellanki Foods so famous?

Vellanki Foods is famous for its sweets with premium quality, authentic and home like taste.

3. What are the popular sweets from Vellanki Foods?

Pootharekulu, Bobbatlu, Gorumitilu and Bellam Kommulu are some of the most popular sweets from Vellanki Foods.

4. Can I get the sweets home delivered?

Yes. We deliver sweets from Vellanki Foods right at your doorsteps, across USA and Canada.

5. Can I get the sweets gift wrapped?

Yes. We provide the sweets in a sweet box. On request, we can gift wrap the sweets and deliver directly to the recipient address.