Vellanki Foods - Paper sweet(Dryfruit) / Pootharekulu(Dry fruit) with Jaggery

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Vellanki Foods - Paper sweet (Dryfruit) / Pootharekulu(Dry fruit) with Jaggery, Authentic Indian Sweet Recipe, Andhra Special, 100% Vegetarian

Paper sweets from Vellanki Sweets are one of their signature dishes. The paper sweet from Vellanki Foods is also known as Poothareku; pootha means coating and reku means sheet. These sweets originated at the Atreyapuram village, which is located at the banks of Eastern Godavari. Serve these during pooja occasions, weddings or get-togethers to surprise the guests.


Complimenting its name, the paper sweet is a transparent sheet of rice flour in several folds. It comes with a delicious stuffing of jaggery and dry fruits.

• Ghee

• Jaggery

• Almonds

• Rice flour

• Pistachios 

• Cardamom 

• Cashew nuts



Vellanki Foods bring the authentic taste of this Andhra delicacy right at your doorsteps. Some of the exquisite features of the paper sweets made at Vellanki Foods are

• The paper sweets properly balance the sweetness of jaggery, nutty flavour of dry fruits and the simple taste of rice flour.

• The sweets are handmade and preserve the traditional homemade taste.

• 100% vegetarian and can be served on pooja occasions.

•      Comes with a long shelf life of 15 days.


Paper sweets from Vellanki Foods can remain fresh and tasty for a long time period if the following tips are followed.

• Stored in an airtight container.

• Are refrigerated after unpacking.

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