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November 21, 2022

Add Icing to your Skin care for aesthetic beauty benefits with the goodness of Forest Essentials:

Who doesn't want flawless glowing skin? Are you the one who tried to achieve smooth and supernaturally glowing skin but failed to keep up? Worry not, we all have been there, let us explain to you a not-so-new yet a popular skin care game changer - Skin Icing.

Have you heard about Skin icing? If not, read till the end of this perfect guide where you can get a complete understanding of Skin Icing. 

What is Skin Icing?

Skin icing is all about pampering your skin with Ice cubes by gliding them all over the face to enhance the beauty in every possible way. Yes, you read it right, this simple trick when followed consistently over a period of time can bring the swoon-worthy skin we all dream about. Remember, ice cubes should be covered in a cloth, probably a muslin cloth, and applied, note that we should avoid rubbing ice cubes directly on the bare skin. 

Skin Icing

Skin Icing Benefits:

Benefits of Skin Icing

Reduces Facial Muscle tension: Stress is inevitable in our daily lives, and this affects facial skin on a deeper level, we can help ourselves with this simple remedy to reduce the tension from outside

Smooth skin texture:Skin icing helps in improving the texture, tightens the skin, reduces the pore size, removes excess oil, and reveals a radiant skin texture

Comically-clear complexion:Skin icing helps in brightening the skin, clears the debris, and makeup grime if any, and helps in providing visibly glowing skin

Repairs Cellular Damage:When done in right away one can get rid of cellular damage with skin icing, proper usage of products along with skin icing is the best way to heal the cellular damage

Soothes Sunburn or Worn out skin:Some minimal sunburns, redness, wounds, lumps, and inflammation, are often reduced by applying an ice cube and by massaging with slight pressure

Improves blood flow in skin cells: It is obvious that ice cubes while gliding on the skin, the blood flows easily inside, this flow levitates the glow and makes you look younger than you are.

Enhances skin elasticity:Skin icing helps in leveling up your skin collagen and thereby enhances the skin elasticity which is why it is possible to reduce the appearance of signs of aging

De-puffs the face and reduce dark circles:Early morning is the best time for facial skin icing as it can help you reduce puffiness under the eyes and all over the face. Due to regular icing sessions, the tension under the eyes will become calm enough to reduce the darkness in the meantime

Get the Cherub complexion and healthy glowing skin with Forest Essential skin care products that we swear by when paired with Skin icing. 

Follow these few steps consistently, and see amazing results in just a few weeks!!!!

But First Cleanse:

Cleanse your face with any of these two best cleansers Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi & Nagkesar or Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar & Gulab which is extremely gentle on the skin. The ayurvedic and sun-dried ingredients in these facial products help in deeply exfoliating, refining the skin, hydrating, toning, and age-defying. 

Mix Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Roop Nikhar & Gulab in Forest Essentials or Forest Essentials Facial Ubtan Narangi & Nagkesar ( your preference) with aloe vera gel, or yogurt or rose water and apply all over your face, let it dry and start icing on the top of the pack before you wash it, this helps in detoxifying the skin, fading the spots, and in removing harsh dead skin cells.

Serums are Love:

After a perfect skin cleaning step, follow up with all the skin connoisseur's favorite serum Forest Essentials Advanced Soundarya Age-defying Facial Serum with 24K Goldapply it all over the face and the neck. Take an ice cube covered with a clean cloth and gently commence massaging the face, start from the center of the cheek and sweep over to the cheeks, do this for 10 minutes to ensure the serum penetrates into the deep layers of the skin to clear the debris and to elevate the glow from within.

Why not Eyes?

Eyes area is the most sensitive part of the face which is why it gets affected easily by bare minimum sun exposure and originates the aging, seal the area up and under the eyes with Forest Essentials Under Eye Serum Red Banana Flower & Potato Starch it is the best way to cleanse the skin around eyes, as we all know how a potato can brighten the skin, this exquisite skin care product is made of the goodness of red banana flower and potato to make our life easier. Now you can receive the benefits of natural remedies in a bottle full of serum for your beautiful eyes. Apply the serum and massage gently with the ice cube to reduce the tension, and stress under the eyes and to help the serum go deep inside.

Let skin elixirs do the talking:

Now that we are done with Serums, infuse your skin with elixir for that polishing look, Forest Essentials Advanced Sanjeevani Beauty Elixir, and massage with an ice cube this nails the job, it sends the elixir into the layers of the skin and transforms the skin with its high-performance actives involved in it. Radiants the skin removes the dark patches, rescues accumulated grime inside the skin, hydrates, herbal infusion brings all the glow you dreamt of.

What's skincare without a moisturizer?

Moisturizer is a must to lock the applied products and to boost hydration, also after icing the skin get rid of excessive sebums so it feels a bit dry hence fill the feeling of dryness with Forest Essentials Light Hydrating Moisturising Facial Gel Pure Aloe Vera this heals the skin barrier real quick, it is an extraordinary skin care product for dry and dead skin it moisturizes so well and no one ever resists themselves from using it once you get used to the everlasting results. Provide a good skin icing technique, and apply a dollop of moisturizer all over the face and neck.

The steps mentioned above are good to go for AM & PM skincare routine, it is highly suggested to go for PM as your skin has overnight to heal with all the goodness of the products, it at all you use as AM care make sure you reduce sun exposure at any cost don't forget to apply sunscreen 30 and above, even though you are not stepping out. All these core skin care products are more than enough to give you aesthetic glowing and healthy skin. What are you waiting for? Grab Forest Essentials skin care products online from Distacart and own long-lasting fairness.

Pro Tips:

  • Never forget to apply sunscreen. After all, Sunscreen is a must-have skin care product to slow down aging, protect from sunburn, remove tanning, on top, to layer up your sensitive skin, and prevent it from getting worse with the harsh UV rays.
  • An iced Gua sha or any other facial roller frozen before use can make a major difference.
  • Make sure you are not stressing with ice for a long time,10 minutes religiously every day can do the job.
  • Ensure the ice cube tray is clean and free from impurities, and use it only for this purpose
  • Wash the cloth every single time you use it, and dry it in a good amount of sunlight
  • You can add tomato juice, rice water, or any other skin care oils to the tray of water before you freeze
  • Facial/Skin icing can be unbearable if you don't use a cloth to perform the massage
  • If you follow a skincare routine, it is advised to do skin icing as a first step as the skin can absorb the products easily 
  • Don't allow yourself sun exposure soon after having an icing facial
  • You can apply moisturizer or any other skin care product before icing and start icing while having the dampness of the product applied.

Skin Icing and Its Benefits FAQs:

1. Does skin icing work?

Yes, skin icing when consistently followed can bring visible results, it is into practiced for ages now

2. Is skin icing good?

Subtle skin icing is never harmful one, yet make sure you have no acne, pimples, or extremely sensitive skin as it may become even worse if you do skin icing, it is better to use products that suit your skin

3. Is it helpful to perform skin icing before makeup?

Yes, it is the most common and popular tip every makeup lovers prefer to perform skin icing before makeup to remove dirt, soften skin, and get an even surface to glide the makeup smoothly on the face

4. When to use icing after or before serum?

The serum penetrates well into the skin with icing, hence the skin icing should go after the application of the serum

5. Why should we use skin icing during skincare routine?

To let the skin, absorb the goodness of the skin care products well and to allow the skin layers to sink and soak in the actives of the products.

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