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Get Dupattas With Free-flowing Ethnic Elegance at Distacart:

Dupattas, also known as chunaris or odhnis, are one-piece clothes that go with the salwar-kameez combination. These ethnic clothes have grown from protective upper clothing to attractive add-ons with trendy new developments in fabric, style, and colours. Women’s choli ensembles have traditionally been paired with dupattas, and they have even made their way into menswear, where they are worn with kurtas and sherwanis. You will find a big selection of lovely dupattas online at Distacart, with unique style variations to fit each of your ethnic suits.

Ladies dupattas in a new and fascinating collection:

Gota Patti:

Wearing Gota Patti dupattas is a great way to dress up your look for a wedding or holiday party. Gota Patti is a style of embroidery that uses the appliqué technique to create elaborate patterns with gold or silver ribbon and lace.

Banarasi Silk:

The rich silk fabric can give any salwar suit a fashionable lift, so it's a must-have in every girl’s collection.


With the help of kalamkari dupattas, you can give your outfit a unique touch. Kalamkari is a type of freehand drawing done with a pen. To manufacture with numerous arduous methods including dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block-printing, starching, and others were used in the past.


Simple outfits can be instantly glammed up with unique ikat patterns in bright colours. Ikat is a dyeing method in which yarn bundles are coiled together and coloured to produce patterns on fabric. Because the colouring takes place before the cloth is sewn, it is unique.


Handwoven dupattas are not only vibrant, but they also include a gentle craft that sets them apart. You can choose from embroideries, printed patterns, tie-dye accents, zari borders, and other designs.

Wearing Style of Dupatta:

Depending on the occasion, it can be accessorized because it is usually worn with a salwar set, lehenga, or churidar. A dupatta may bring more elegance to an outfit without the need for other accessories. Chunaris with embroidery can be paired with plain kurtas or cholis. Simple chunaris, on the other hand, look even better when paired with delicate silver, gold, or bronze jewellery. The colour and fabric of the chunari determine the level of personalization. The idea is to coordinate the chunari with the kurta’s fabric and aesthetic.
It can be combined with both western and Indian cultural attire. It is fashionable to pair a kurta with fitting denim pants and a vibrant single-colour dupatta. A printed dupatta in darker colours, on the other hand, might balance out a fashionable white chikankari kurta worn with a salwar or tights.

Multiple Ways to Wear Dupattas:

Cape Style:

Young women are currently wearing stylish lehengas with dupattas. The dupatta is placed in such a way that it allows you to move freely, which is not possible in most other styles. The dupatta is draped over the shoulders in a cape-like fashion, allowing the entire silhouette to be seen, enhancing your beauty.

Front Flow:

The dupatta is pinned to one shoulder in this form of lehenga dupatta draping. The section that falls to the front is positioned to cover your front, normally up to the knees, occasionally longer, depending on the length of the dupatta you pick.
Over the elbows:

Over The Elbows:

This is one of the most popular ways to wear a lehenga dupatta in fashion magazines and shows. This look offers a hassle-free approach to up your style game. Simply draping the dupatta over elbows will be in style for the foreseeable future since it is a simple and comfy design that also looks beautiful.

Dupatta FAQ’s:

1.What does the dupatta symbolize?

A dupatta is a modesty symbol that complements the overall appearance of a salwar kameez or lehenga choli.

2.How long is a dupatta?

It is 2 metres and a half long. If you take two, make sure the length is shorter. Otherwise, you will be engulfed in fabric or have half of your dupatta trailing behind you.

3.What is organza dupatta?

This fabric is generally made of silk because of its thin, plain weave and sheer texture.

4.What are dupattas used for?

In today's fashion, the dupatta is must viewed as an accessory, and it is also draped across the head, except for the eyes, as a form of pollution or sun protection.

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