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Unani Products Online -Enjoy A Healthy & HappyLife With Unani System Of Supplements

During the Mughal era, a new form of healthcare was introduced in India, the Unani System of supplements.. Also termed as Greco-Arab., this thousands of years old healthcare practice is popular and considered effective even in this age of modern science and technology.


The theoretical framework of Unani supplement dates back to the era of Greek philosophy. It is originally based on the work of Hippocrates(460-377 BC), the renowned Greek physician. This medical system was further improved by Arabian physicians like Rhazes(840-932 D) and Avicennan(980-1037 AD). Besides India, Unani supplements is also practiced across Germany, China, Denmark, Canada, Finland, the USA, and UK.

The Six Factors Of Good Health

Unani System of supplement is comprehensive in nature, offering preventive, rehabilitative, and curative health and wellness products. It emphasizes just not on the physical wellness but the overall health of the mind and soul.

In this form of supplement, there are 6 factors which are considered essential for good health-

  1. Pure and profuse air
  2. Appropriate food and drinks
  3. Moderate sleep and wakefulness
  4. Proper evacuation and retention
  5. Moderate psychic movement and repose
  6. Passive and active physical movement and repose

Popular Unani Products Brands

India is one of the leaders when it comes to Unani supplements. Hamdard is one of the pioneers in the world of the Unani System of supplement. 

Popular Unani Supplements:

Unani System of supplement can cater to several health issues. Hamdard SharbatFaulad, Hamdard MajunMochras, and Hamdard MajunKhabsul Hadeed are some of the most popular Unani supplements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Unani Supplement

1. What is the Unani System of Supplement?

This is a traditional supplement system prevalent in South Asia. The framework dates back to the age of Greek philosophy and was originally started by the renowned Greek physician, Hippocrates. Unani System of supplement mainly relies on herbs- mineral ingredients.

2. Are Unani and Ayurveda the same?

Both Unani and Ayurveda follow the basic principle of using herbal ingredients while preparing health and wellness products. However, the Unani System of supplement was started in Greece and then gradually was improved in Arabian countries. Ayurveda was founded in India.

3. What is Unani suppl;ement made of?

Unani supplements are prepared using beneficial herbs and minerals.

4. What are the health issues for which you can use Unani supplements?

Unani dietary supplements are considered may helpful for urinary infections, cataract.

5. What are the popular Unani supplements?

Hamdard MajunJograjGugal, Hamdard MajunJiryan Khas, Hamdard MajunIspandSokhtani, and Hamdard MajunHajrulYahud are some of the most popular Unani supplements available in the market.