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Biscuits and cookies are primarily flour-based confectionery products and fun food for all ages. They are usually sweet, but some are also available in other savoury variants. Biscuits are also called crackers in some parts of the world. Cookies are similar to biscuits, with the difference being that they may have other ingredients like oats, raisins or chocolate chips. 

Cookies and biscuits do not have any difference. Both are leavened and hard confectionery items. However, cookies have a chunkier texture and might have toppings, while biscuits are smoother. You will find biscuits and cookies with different flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, and many more.

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Biscuits: Usual biscuits with a single flavour have been in the market for ages. They are typically rolled biscuits and are usually consumed during high tea. The biscuit leading the Indian biscuit market is Parle- G. Several other brands like Haldiram’s, Patanjali, Karachi, and Sunfeast also have biscuits that have been famous for a very long time.

Cream Filled Biscuits: The other type of biscuits loved by kids are the cream biscuits. These are sandwich-like biscuits filled with flavoured cream inside. Brands like Britannia and Sunfeast are well-known cream biscuit brands.


Digestive Cookies: As the name suggests, these cookies are made primarily with ingredients like whole wheat flour, rolled oats, wheat bran and carom. Sri Sri Tattva and Britannia are leading the digestive cookies section.
Flavoured Cookies: These cookies generally excel in a single flavour. They are available either in the cookie dough or are used to garnish. Sri Sri Tattva has many varieties of flavoured cookies. Other Brands like PatanjaliCafe Niloufer, Haldiram also has many different flavoured cookies.


Rusk is a very famous snack to be eaten during high tea in India. Its lightweight texture has ingredients that are good for health. Patanjali and Karachi bakery is a leading producer of Rusk.

Biscuits and Cookies FAQ’s:

1. Are cookies vegetarian or non-vegetarian?

Cookies are available in both variants. Some are eggless, while others have eggs, making them non-vegetarian.

2. Are biscuits a healthy snack to eat?

Some biscuits are more accessible to digest, making them healthy to eat, while some are made with refined flour, making them difficult to digest.

3. Do cookies contain fat?

Cookies are made with oil, fat or butter. Hence, they contain fat in them.

4. Are cookies good for health?

Yes, cookies contain sugar and carbohydrates, which provide energy to the body in the form of nutrition. However, one should limit the intake of cookies per day.

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