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Soya chunks have the texture of vegetable protein, where the byproduct of soy flour is turned into Soya chunks and Soya Granules, which are a fat-free substance, have a neutral taste and when added to recipes like pulao or any vegetable rice, add a blend of unique taste and aroma. Soya chunks, when soaked in water, become soft and spongy. Fortunately, it can be your diet food because it is low in fat. Vegetarians enjoy the taste of soya chunks as meat substitutes, and hence they can be used in every recipe whenever you feel like it.

The Nutritional Value of Soya Chunks Per 100 Grams:

12-13 grams of Fiber

19-20 grams of  Iron

51-52 grams of Protein.

344-345 Calories

350 grams of calcium

32 grams of carbohydrates.

Soya Chunks Benefits:

Apart from soya chunk nutritional values, there are several other benefits of soya chunks from distacart online grocery. They are as follows:

Good for Cardiac Health:

Nutrela soya chunks are good for the heart. They contain omega-3 fatty acids and low saturated fats, which help the heart control bad cholesterol, thereby promoting heart health.

Helps with Weight Loss:

Soya chunks are plant-based proteins that have low fat yet reduce hunger pangs as they make the stomach full. Besides, they are easy to digest and provide a high metabolism.

Maintains Hormonal Balance:

Soya chunks help maintain and regulate hormonal balance in women through their phytoestrogens. This aids in a healthy menstrual cycle in women.


Soya chunks have anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, consuming soya chunks has multiple benefits for the body in terms of healthy skin, heart health, and blood sugar levels, and also helps in reducing inflammation-causing diseases.

There are several other advantages to having soya chunks daily in moderate amounts. It will help you improve your body’s immune power, nutritional content, and metabolism. Soya gives you energy as soya is a good source of protein. The right amount of carbohydrates, fiber, and iron improve muscle growth and physical wellness. Soya Mini chunks are active food for healthy teeth and bones as they have a sufficient amount of calcium in them. Take healthy products home by purchasing high-quality groceries online.

Diet Plan With Soya Chunks:

Soya beans are grown from edible seeds. These are next converted into soy oil, where the by-product is soya flour, which in turn gives soya chunks. This vegetable textured food is an excellent alternative to meat, milk, and eggs. Hence, a daily bowl of soya chunks is the best idea to reduce hunger pangs and fill the stomach for long hours. You can consume soya nutrela chunks to reward your body with a good amount of nutrients, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. 

Buy Top-Quality Soya Chunks Online:

Soya Chunks protein per 100 grams is equal to that of meat, dairy, and eggs. You can shop for fresh soya chunks online from the best sellers of soya brands, such as Patanjali High Nutri soya chunks, Double Horse soya chunks nano, Nutrela soya chunks nutrition, and so on.

Soya beans are familiar in various countries around the world, just like soya beans. Soya chunks have no flavor, but take a different neutral taste and also add a pinch of aroma to the soya chunk recipe. This plant-based meat can be used in your healthy diet without any second thought. It has essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of a healthy human body. You can buy these extremely nutritious soya chunks online in different forms, and sizes and from the best brands online from Distacart, as it offers a wide range of groceries online at low prices to various parts of the world. Shop for groceries online from our website from now on by choosing the top quality brands at affordable prices. You can buy groceries online at Distacart and avail yourself of amazing deals and discounts.

Soya Chunks FAQ’s:

1. What are Soya Chunks?

Soya chunks are Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) or Textured Soy Protein (TSP) and are ideally fat-free. By having protein content, It acts as a meat substitute for vegitarians.

2. Is Soya Chunk good for health?

Soya Chunks have great protein content and are full of polyunsaturated fats, along with omega-3 fatty acids. It is good for cardiovascular health, skin, hair, and even bone.

3. What are soya chunks made of?

Soya chunks are made of with soy flour, a by-product of extracting soybean oil.

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