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Traditional clothes have always been a part of our lives as they keep us connected with our culture. Different countries have different traditional costumes that they wear. For example, the traditional dress of Indians is the saree, Thailand is Chut Thai, Panama is Pollera, etc. 

Similarly, for Indian men, Dhoti is a traditional costume that they wear called veshti, vetti, mardani, etc. Dhoti is in the form of a long piece of cloth tied around the waist in the form of loose trousers. It is usually 4.5 meters long and is secured by a knot at the front or back. 

Common Types of Dhotis:

Various materials like silk and cotton are used to make Dhoti, and it also comes in different colors according to the different customer preferences. Some of the different types of Dhotis are:

  • Silk Dhoti:As the name suggests,silk dhoti is a type of Dhoti that is made of silk. The material feels soft and smooth when worn and is comfortable to wear all day long. Apart from this, it also lets the skin breathe and is great for summer wear. Brands like Rajavivaha provide high-quality silk dhotis. 
  • Double Dhoti:Men's double Dhoti is usually lengthy when compared to a normal dhoti. This piece of cloth is usually four meters in length or less with a border on the sides. It is wrapped around the waist in the form of two layers and comes in different colors. Brands like Ramraj provide differentdouble dhotis for men. 
  • Adjustable Dhoti: Tying a dhoti might be complex for some people, so brands like Ramraj have introducedadjustable Dhoti to make this task easier for men. With this, dhotis can be worn easily and adjusted according to the different needs of the customers. 

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Dhoti FAQ’s:

1. How many types of dhotis are there?

Different types of dhotis are worn in different regions. Some of them are - Veshti Dhoti, Kache Panche Dhoti, Pancha Dhoti, Pleated Dhoti, Maharashtrian Dhotar, and Dulangi Dhoti, Punjabi Chadra, etc.

2. Where is Dhoti worn?

Dhoti is usually worn in the Indian subcontinent by Hindu men. Different regions wear different styles of dhotis according to their traditions and customs.

3. How should you tie Dhoti?

One simple way to wear Dhoti is given below as follows
  • Wrap it around your hips and thighs.
  • Take one end of the Dhoti and bring it between the legs.
  • After that, tuck that loose end into the waistband.
  • The result will be loose and baggy trouser that feels light and comfortable on the body.

4. What is the difference between Dhoti and lungi?

The difference between Dhoti and lungi is that. Dhoti is an unstitched piece of cloth and is long, whereas lungi is stitched vertically in order to bring both ends together. The stitches made in the lungi create a hollow space for the person to get it and simply tie it around the waist.