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Clear all the Airs With This Foundation Makeup Guide!

When spoken about makeup the first product that comes to mind after lipstick, is Foundation Cream. The base of the entire look is foundation makeup and it gives a damn look when applied perfectly.

Face Foundation cream is a groundwork that needs to be applied with brushes, blenders, or sponges, also with fingers depending on the type of foundation. The main reason to gravitate towards Foundation is that it's an instant one-stop solution that covers up blemishes, correct skin tone, dark under eyes, and gives a finished smooth look.

Facial skin is the most sensitive part that gets vulnerable to chemicals, so it is crucial to choose the best face foundation cream that suits your skin and is chemical-free. 

Before purchasing a foundation a lot of things need to be checked enough, firstly know your skin, whether it is oily, dry, or combination skin, and also your complexion.

There are different types of foundation makeup based on consistency, there is the liquid foundation, Mousse foundation, Serum Foundation, Powder Foundation, and Cream Foundation and all of these are available in different formulations like sheer coverage, medium coverage, full coverage, buildable coverage, and based on the finish they are three types, obtain Matured look with a matte, Glossy look with a dewy and subdue look with luminescent.

Different types of Makeup Foundations:

There are different kinds of makeup foundations in the market. Pick the right one that gives the right look. Considering skin types, occasion, and all other factors we need to choose the foundation, go through this glimpse on types of foundation.

1. Liquid Foundation: Daily wear supreme choice for flawless Canvas

The daily makeup routine goes well with Liquid Foundation, it is basically in water-based form and is a typical choice for dry and oily skin types.  It gives a matte and dewy finish look. Beginners find it easy to apply. Liquid foundation meets light to full coverage and it can be opted to wear for long hours, apply a good primer before applying liquid foundation as it looks patchy with sweat.

2. Mousse foundation: Light-weight & Date night perfect choice

Oh-so light feels with Mousse Foundation, this whipped foundation is suitable for all skin types and easily merges onto the skin leaving a fresh feel. It meets medium to full coverage with a matte finish. Considering its less settlement onto fine lines, better opt and accentuate your date night look with mousse foundation from top brands online.

3. Serum Foundation: Luminous and refinishing choice

Glow every single day, and get a smooth and glam look with Serum foundation. It is a kind of replication of standard liquid foundation and can also be used as a skincare product.

Teamup serum Foundation before applying serum foundation it gives a damn look that takes up the facial finish to the next level. Serum foundation meets up medium to full coverage with a semi-matte finish and is suitable for oily skin types.

4. Powder Foundation: Effortless choice for an Instant fresh look

Powder Foundation is mostly a compact Foundation in powder form that gives you an instant glow anywhere with just a single quick touch-up. A must-have addition to your makeup if you are of oily skin type and it is good to go for all skin types to reapply anytime on their makeup. It meets light to medium coverage and leaves a matte and luminescence finish.

5. Cream Foundation: Rich Hydrating choice for Long-lasting coverage

A Cream foundation in watery form gives ample moisture to dry and mature skin, if it is in solid form it suits oily skin. Cream foundation meets medium to full coverage with a moisture matte finish. It blends well onto the skin and if you are having extremely dry skin it's better to apply primer before you apply foundation.

A quick look for the type of foundation that suits your skin:

Oily Skin - liquid foundation, Serum foundation, and Powder foundation are the best suitable types

Dry Skin - Cream Foundation, and Mousse Foundation are the best suitable types.

Normal skin/combination skin - Can opt for cream-based foundations that have a matte texture.

The right foundation cream does the right job, if you aren’t sure about your skin type buy Foundation for all skin types online and get a celebrity-like fab look that makes all heads turn towards you!

Simple and Easy Way to Apply Foundation:

Choosing the right foundation is the hardest thing. We think we have covered everything related to foundations so far, now let's get into the easy way of application of foundations.

  1. Clean your face with your favorite daily skincare routine face Cleanser.
  2. Apply your favorite light moisturizer.
  3. Apply the best face primer for the foundation to last long hours.
  4. Apply concealers wherever necessary to hide the pimples, acne spots, and around mouth corners.
  5. Now get ready to apply your best-suited foundation to flaunt a flawless, subtle and lighter complexion look.
  6. Finally, dab with a compact  Powder foundation touch-up for a refreshing look and you are good to go for your next step of makeup which is probably the Eye Makeup followed by lip makeup

Healthy makeup Habits:

  1. Never apply foundation directly onto the face, apply moisturizer or primer and it's better to opt for SPF-based Sunscreen Lotion along with the moisturizer.
  2.  Never hit the bed with makeup, remove completely with makeup remover and rinse off your face with a Facial Cleanser.


1. What brands are the best choice for face foundation cream?

Best Sellers and top brands of face foundation cream are Maybelline New York fit me foundation, Chambor, Estee lauder, Lakme, Clinique, Huda Beauty, Lotus makeup, l'oreal Paris, sugar, and Revlon.

2. Which type of foundation is good for combination skin?

Cream Foundation in solid form is good for combination skin

3. Is foundation good for skin?

Yes, the right product causes no harm to your face to choose quality skincare products wisely and are paraben-free

4. Which foundation is good for oily skin?

Better to opt for liquid foundation, serum foundation, or Powder foundation.

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