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Kitchen Storage & Containers - Stainless Steel, Plastic, Glass Containers For All Occasions

At Distacart we offer you an extensive range of food storage containers. These versatile products are ideal for keeping your kitchen surfaces free from scruffy boxes and open packets, as well as ensuring you have access to delicious and healthy meals away from home.

For special occasions or a weekend session of enthusiastic baking, our cake storage tins will keep your baked creations fresh for longer periods of time. These storage tins will also protect your cakes on the journey to a distant friend or relative’s house.

To achieve a tidy and unified look in your kitchen, our oil dispenser will allow you to neatly organize your olive oil from sunflower oil without losing the ability to identify them at a glance. Similarly, cookies and snacks jars will bring character to your countertops, creating space in your cupboards whilst making sure your biscuits retain their crunch.

At lunchtime, enjoy nutritious dishes with our range of lunch boxes. Keep your foodstuffs at their intended temperatures with our portable Milton and Borosil lunch boxes. Insulated walls and separated compartments ensure that hot meals will not go cold and chilled items will remain so. For the playground, our kids’ colorful lunch bags will allow your children access to a healthy lunch, whilst giving them cause to smile at images of their favorite cartoon heroes.


Stainless Steel containers are one of the most durable, timeless ways to store spices, condiments, pulses, processed food, liquid, snacks, pickles, etc. without worrying about foul odor, leakage, and oil stains. They are available in round, rectangular, cylindrical shapes to fit your daily needs of storage.


Plastic storage containers are usually appropriate for leftovers with their airtight seals and clear visibility into what you're keeping refrigerated. Our collection of food storage products is second to none. Here, you'll find everything you need, from beautiful countertop solutions for dry goods and liquid too. They are manufactured using high-quality plastic material that makes it strong and it comes with a lid so that the food does not get spoiled. It can be fit or adjusted in any space since it features a small size, and can be used for gifting purposes on special occasions or festivals.


These borosilicate glass jars are the perfect solution for storing and organizing your kitchen without compromising the health of your family. These jars are microwave or oven-safe so that you can directly put the snack-filled container in the microwave or oven without having the need to hunt for a separate microwave or oven-safe bowl. Once you have consumed the snacks, you can store the snack leftovers in the same jar for preserving into the freezer. 

Furthermore, washing has been made easy as these are dishwasher safe too. Being manufactured with the best material, you do not have to worry about that the crystal clarity of the jar will be washed away after repeated usage. Minor scratches while handling the jar will not spoil the beauty of this jar since it is scratch-resistant, it can withstand minor scratches. 

They come in transparent bodies to make sure, you do not waste much of your time identifying the jar contents. It enables you to quickly identify the contents inside without having the need to open multiple containers to find the right one. It is advisable to use this jar for storing dry items like pulses, chocolates, cookies, snacks and condiments and even liquids.


1. How many boxes will the plastic sets have?

There are sets ranging from 6-18 pieces.

 2. What’s the quality of plastic-like?

Quality is good and they come with airtight lids.

3. Can stainless steel containers be used in refrigerators?

Yes, you can use them in refrigerators.

4.Can plastic containers be used in the microwave?

Yes, most of the plastic and glass products shown are microwave proof.

 5. How do I clean glass jars?

Glass jars need to be washed with care. They are easy to clean. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean.

 6. Can I carry plastic tiffin and jars on a journey?

Yes, they can be used for storing food for a long time and are leakage proof.