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Get Flawless Makeup with Face Primers

Who doesn’t love crack-free, flawless makeup? And to achieve that your foundation needs to blend in perfectly. Oftentimes, the foundation gets bulky and cracks a few minutes after applying it. To avoid that you need to prepare your skin before applying foundation. Face primers make a flawless base for applying makeup. Your makeup applies smoothly, blends effortlessly, and lasts longer when using a face primer. Moreover, it doesn't smudge or rub off. Face makeup primers help your makeup last longer by giving it something to cling to. They remove flaws, fill in any huge pores, minimise fine wrinkles, and even out uneven texture to give you a flawless base that is prepared to receive the rest of your makeup products. Therefore, you must use a primer before doing your makeup.

Distacart has a range of face primers online to help you choose the primer according to your preference. To know about the uses, importance, and types of face primers, keep reading.

Choose Primer According to Your Skin Type

The best face primer online for you is which suits your skin completely. It is extremely important to choose face primer according to your skin type. Below are some tips to keep in mind while buying face primers.

Face Primers for Oily Skin: If you have oily skin, chances are you have acne and spots. To avoid your makeup becoming greasy and oily, go for a matte face primer. This will avoid the secretion of access oil and help your makeup stay fresh for a long time.

Face Primers for Dry Skin: Dry skin can be a nightmare for a makeup lover. If your skin feels flaky and tight, buy a hydrating face primer. It will moisturise your face and will prevent the makeup from becoming cakey.

Face Primers for Combination Skin: Buying a face primer for this skin type can be a little confusing. For combination skin, you can buy two types of primers, hydrating and mattifying.

Face Primers for Mature Skin: Putting foundation on mature skin can be difficult. The fine line and wrinkles show up when you apply makeup. Mature skin needs an illuminating face primer to reduce those signs of ageing.

Primer VS Moisturiser:

Remember that makeup primers are intended to do more than just moisturise your skin, even if you might not want to apply another layer of product over your moisturiser. Both a moisturizer and a face primer can be used to create a flawless, even basis for makeup; they complement one another.

However, your makeup looks a thousand times better with a primer! Remember that there is a face primer that is suitable for your skin type, whether you have oily, combination, dry, or sensitive skin. A face primer can absorb excess oil, hide pores, smooth out blemishes, lessen redness, and even shield your skin from the sun's harmful rays, depending on the formula you choose.

Can You Wear a Primer Every day?

Primer is important, not just for the makeup to sit perfectly but also acts as a protective layer between your skin and the makeup products. But before applying the primer, you should know these steps to follow.

Step 1- Cleanse your face and pat it dry.

Step 2- Apply moisturizer

Step 3- After a few seconds apply primer and let it sit on your skin for 2 minutes

Step 4- Begin with your makeup

Buy Face Prime Online at Best Prices

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Face Primer FAQ’s:

1. Which is the best face primer for oily skin?

People with oily skin should always choose a mattifying face primer. It will help them get rid of excess face oil and will help the makeup stay for a long time.

2. How do I choose a face primer?

Face primers must always be selected according to the skin type. If you have dry skin, choose a hydrating primer and if your skin is on the oily side, go for a matte one.

3. Do face primers really work?

Primers can work wonders on the skin if applied according to the skin type. A good primer will help the makeup look even and will make it stay for a longer duration.

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