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Rangoli Design

Rangoli Designs- Experience The Vibrance Of Colours

Indian festivals are incomplete without rangoli designs,an amazing Indian folk art. Rangoli can be best described as multicoloured motifs drawn with colours or flowers. Be it Diwali, Onam, weddings or special pooja occasions, a traditional Indian home will surely feature these colourful designs on the walls, doors and floors of the house. At present readymade Rangoli designs online are extremely popular. These are based on acrylic and are extremely popular across the world.

What are the different types of Rangoli Designs?

This ancient Indian art has evolved over hundreds of years. Now with less time in hand, people usually opt for readymade rangoli designs instead of sketching them out. These simple rangoli designs are made over the paper and can be easily glued to the floors, walls and doors; these types of rangoli are known as acrylic rangoli.

Wondering which will be the best rangoli design for your home? Following are some of the most popular designs available online.

Flower Rangoli

This is one of the most popular and easy Rangoli designs for Diwali. During the Festival of Lights, adorn your home with the floral rangoli embellished with multicolour Kundan stones. Place a diya (oil lamp) on each rangoli petal and your traditional Diwali decoration is ready.

Rangoli with Dots

These designs are unique. The different variations of the dot rangoli come in the format of 3*3, 5*5 and 9*12. The bending swirls, circles and lines of the dot rangoli make these perfect to be used on any occasion. The rangoli with dots add a trendy touch to your modern home. The speciality of rangoli designs for Pongal is, that the designs must be made with dots. So, the rangoli with dotacrylic designs are perfect when you want to decorate your home on Pongal.

Small Rangoli Designs

One of the current challenges of present homes is less space. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers have come up with small rangoli designs. Instead of covering the whole wall or floor with rangoli, you can use these designs just to decorate the pooja room. Peacock-shaped, geometric shapes and flower shapes, the small rangoli designs are available in varied forms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Rangoli

1. What is rangoli made of?

For handmade rangoli, you can use rice flour, flower petals and sometimes chemical colours. The acrylic rangoli can be glued to the walls, doors and floors. These are embellished with Kundan stones and are available in multiple colours.

2.What is Kolam Rangoli?

This rangoli are geometric designs showcasing curves, swirls and loops. These designs are made around a grid pattern and then decorated with coloured paper and stones.

3. Why do we put rangoli?

Rangoli is an integral part of Indian festivities and worship. It is believed that rangoli designs bring good luck, and provide strength and generosity to the family.

4. What is Rangoli?

Rangoli is folk art. Made with coloured sand, rice flour or flower petals, these handmade designs are created on the floor, walls and doors. In present days you will also get acrylic rangoli designs which are painted with different colours and are decorated with multicolour Kundan stones.

5. Is Rangoli art permanent?

Acrylic rangoli art is not permanent. These can be glued to the doors, walls and floors and can be easily taken off after use.

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