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Ghee is the most commonly used kitchen ingredient all over the world. There are many types of ghee available online. Among them, cow ghee and buffalo ghee are even more popular kinds of ghee. The main difference between cow ghee and buffalo ghee, one is made from the clarified butter of cow milk and the other from buffalo respectively. There exists not even a single restaurant or cuisine without ghee, as it is a culinary product that adds a special taste and aroma to the recipes. Buffalo ghee is a wonderful substitute for oils,  as it is also rich in Vitamin A, D, E and K. Distacart offers a pure natural, and fresh buffalo ghee online. For those who always want to add a spoonful of ghee as a topping to their every dish grab buffalo ghee in the USA, UK, or no matter wherever you are. Just a few clicks to order from the best online sellers of ghee. 

Buffalo Ghee Health Benefits:

Buffalo ghee is widely preferred in recipes not only because of its taste but also for its amazing health benefits. Here are some of the top health benefits of buffalo ghee you should not miss.

Easy Digestion:

Milk contains lactose, in the preparation of ghee, the lactose content of the milk gets reduced, which ultimately serves as a tolerance for easy digestion. Good for both adults and babies. Mostly cow ghee is preferably good for easy digestion.

Aids weight loss:

Buffalo ghee helps in reducing body weight, a good amount of ghee balances the cholesterol, maintains a healthy weight, improves gut health, and makes your stomach full, thereby reducing the cravings. 

Good for Skin:

Ghee has moisturizing properties which can reduce dryness to great extent, try applying ghee for dark under eyes, chapped lips, and also on skin diseases/wounds. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of ghee helps in reducing skin oxidation and inflammation.

Good for overall health:

Buffalo ghee has a good amount of fats and calories, along with them, it is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties. Hence including buffalo ghee keeps you away from cold, or any other seasonal illness. It also protects heart health and lets the body maintain a healthy weight.

Buffalo ghee for Babies:

Buffalo ghee is good for babies above 6 months of age. Including buffalo ghee in small amounts mixed in their daily diet could help babies gain strength, and immunity and their body prepares anti-fungal properties to be resistant enough and fight outside pathogens entering the body. Both buffalo ghee and cow ghee are good for babies in moderate quantities

Improves brain development and function:

The DHA, essential vitamins, omega 3, omega 9, nutrients in ghee help in healthy functioning of the brain, improve cognitive abilities, and helps sharpen memory power. Hence it is advisable to feed your babies with ghee at a moderate amount on daily basis.

Nutritional value of pure Buffalo Ghee(100 grams):

Calories - 112 

Protein - 0.04 grams

Vitamin A - 50%

Sodium - 11 mg

Fat - 13grams

Calcium - 2%

Potassium - 1mg

Buffalo ghee vs Cow ghee

  • Cow ghee is made of cow milk and usually has low fat content, mostly used for medicinal purposes, and traditional purposes 
  • Buffalo ghee compared to cow ghee has high fat.
  • Cow ghee has vitamins and minerals, whereas Buffalo ghee has potassium, phosphorus, calcium, fats, and proteins
  • Cow ghee has carotene, whereas buffalo ghee has no carotene
  • Cow ghee has low shelf life compared to buffalo ghee
  • Cow ghee is used for medicinal purposes and traditional puja purposes.
  • Moisture content and free fats are of the same quantity in both buffalo milk ghee and cow milk ghee. 

Nutritional composition of Buffalo ghee Vs Cow ghee:

  • Carotene for cow ghee - 7.4
  • Carotene for Buffalo ghee - 0
  • Fat Content in Cow ghee - 99
  • Fat Content in Buffalo ghee - 99.5
  • Cholestrol in Cow ghee - 362
  • Cholesterol in Buffalo ghee - 312

 How to use buffalo ghee:

  • Buffalo ghee can be used for various purposes, you can cook any recipe with buffalo ghee as a substitute for oils.
  • Buffalo ghee can be used to prepare ghee coffee as an early morning energy beverage
  • Almost every sweet is made with buffalo ghee due to its aroma and rich taste
  • Buffalo ghee can be used as a topping for your breakfast like idly, dosa, rotis, paranthas, chapati, etc.
  • It can be used as a dollop on different types of rice items such as jeera rice, tomato rice, pudina rice, etc.
  • Some mostly use buffalo ghee to toast bread, sandwich, pav bhaji, and other snack recipes.

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