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Earrings - A Symbol of Beauty and Elegance

Indian earrings are an integral part of Indian Jewelry. They are simple, classy and add elegance to women’s beauty. In simple words, women’s earrings complete her looks and make her look all the more attractive and beautiful. In case you are a fan of Indian earrings like jhumkas and all then there is a wide range of Indian earrings available on for those who are residing in USA and Canada.

Check out the common yet most demanded fashion earrings for women here – 

Jhumkas or Jhumkis:

Jhumkas or jhumkis are traditional earrings which reside in the heart of every young girl. These go with nay traditional attire. They look good and classy too. If you are planning to attend any Indian festival or traditional outing with your friends then try out jhumkas with a traditional attire and you will definitely stand out. Distacart has a variety of offerings here like yellow with gold color beads jhumkis to go with any dress with golden detailing or a favourite-of-all pink color jhumki earrings. Oxidized jhumki earrings also look good if you want to go sobre. You can also try silver jhumki with pearl drops in case you want to look elegant and traditional at the same time. You should try a good number of them to go with your various attires. Purchase a mix of golden ones, silver ones and a common color which can go with all your attires. 


How about some studs in case you prefer to dress minimalist yet elegant? Try out multi color American diamond studs to go with your fashion attire or rose shape earrings which look more like studs yet traditional. You can also try Galaxy Luxuria Cubic Zircon studs which look very similar to original diamonds. Go for any of these if you are an Indian or a fan of Indian jewelry. Earrings go with all type of dresses and so does these earrings put on display at Distacart. Try out combos in case you want to try various options before going for a single one. 


Danglers are definitely a class apart. They look elegant in every manner. You can simply fall in love with them even at a single glance. Whether you opt for beaded ones, colorful ones or the ones with silver work, they are sure things to die for. Try out pink kundan meenakari danglers or traditional gold-plated pearl danglers on your next saree outing. 

Pendant Sets:

Try out various colored pendant sets if you like all things matching. Some of them can go with almost all your attires. For example, a terracotta jewelry multi-color black Chandra collection will look good and a complete pack on almost all your dark color dresses. Same is the case if you try terracotta jewelry golden beads with multi-colored collection. It will accentuate all your traditional attires. Try out yellow-gold shade with beautiful flower coral set with earrings if you want to look all classy while Indian at heart in a foreign country. 

On Distacart, there are sets with Maang Tika too. For those who might not know, maang tika is to decorate the forehead. It is worn on the top of the forehead, hanging from head. It also gives a very traditional yet unique look. There are various options given on Distacart, to go with your specific attire. Explore the site and go for your choice. 

Dangle and Drop Earrings:

The list does not end on the above ones. You can go for more, just keep your eyes and heart open. Dangle and drop earrings are things to vouch by if you love to dress for occasions. They look so classy yet traditional and elegant that you can’t return without compliments. There are many options for the same on Distacart like sterling silver dangle and drop earrings, or silver danglers with flower-shaped drops. 

The list is so exhaustive that you just can’t stop. If you are a young-at-heart kind of person then you should definitely try out colorful tassels. In case, you are that class-apart elegant lady then you should try kundan work earrings or crystal or beaded earrings which complete your look. 

In case, you love to dress completely Indian then try out sets with bangles or sets with Maang Tika to savour the fond memories of rich Indian tradition and the love for festivities. 

All in all, you just can’t stop for there are so many options yet so reasonably priced. Just try out a couple of them before sticking to one style. 


1. How can I order Indian earrings online in USA?

You can order Indian earrings online in USA on Distacart. It provides delivery in both USA and Canada along with free shipping options on certain products. Indian earrings compliment your festive look. 

2. What are festival special Indian earrings?

There are many options to choose from. You can select Jhumkas, beaded earrings, fancy earrings, Stylish earrings, Indian earrings which will make you stand apart from the crowd. All these fancy earrings can be worn during festivals and celebrations and hence are known as festival special. 

3. Are these products reasonably priced?

Products on Distacart are aptly priced. There are a lot of discount offers too to avail from. One can check the details of the cost and discounts by visiting the page of the product on Distacart. You should try as early as possible as jewelry is such an item that it can easily go out of stock. 

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