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Everything About Makeup Blush for your Makeup Regime:

Blush is a makeup product just like all, it is something that adds a fresh feel tends to show that it's naturally unwinding from your face. Applying blush just like that will make you look weird. The harsh and patchy look of blush is nowhere pleasing on your face.

For a beautiful and natural look, follow the basic tricks. The application of blush makeup does have its own elements to base on!

  • Placement 
  • UnderTone
  • Formulations

Perfect your Blush Placement:

  • Blush Placement does have its own rules to follow depending on the type of face. But the ideal applicant must follow a kind of trick.
  • Don't touch the eye area or level of the eyebrow and don't cross the counter line.
  • Don't overdo the apple of your cheekbone with more blush as it looks good when you smile but it appears like dropping when you don't smile.
  • Blend it well onto the skin, don't apply in circular motions.
  • Apply loose powder around the blush and highlight the border of Contour and blush so that the blush blends well and gives a flattering look to you 
  • Sweep off lightly 
  • Always start with a little amount of blush, before you apply dab the dustout 
  • When you going to try double blush, start with the Neutral color all around and point out the apple cheekbone with the contrast color
  • If you have sculpted facial features start from the back of the cheekbone or away from the nose and cheekbone

Tune with the Tone:

Most of the time choose the blush that matches your undertone.

Know your tone, if you have a warm undertone or light to medium undertone go for a light peach pink shade, nude shade blush suits perfect on your face.

If you have a cool or Neutral Tone, soft pink, mauve shades are the go to shade and look natural

Match Formulations up with your skin type:

Dry skin type: Opt for Formulations that are Creamy blush or Liquid blush, they can handle your skin and the application well settles, looks consistent, and is subtle.

Combination of skin types:  Some liquid blushes can go with combination types, mostly Powder blush can do best on your face. It doesn't look over dewy or over hydrating.

Oily skin type/ Normal Type: Powder blush wins on oil to normal skin type, it can blend well, while creamy may elaborate on your skin.

Blush Application:

  • Use a separate blush, a right size brush and dip on the blush, and dab off the dust on the blush box lid.
  • Applying blush depends on the type of face for an ideal application process. Start from the apple of your cheek and feather it up not too close to the eyebrow. 
  • Don't move the brush in circular motions slightly. Sweep off the blush with the brush.
  • Use beauty blenders or sponges to blend the liquid blush well.
  • Apply loose powder around the blush for the perfect look of your blush 
  • Blush above the contour line can highlight the color 
  • You can apply a Highlighter on the corner of your cheek and blend with the blush for a flattering flawless look.

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Healthy Makeup Habits:

  • Always use cleaned brushes on the face
  • Stop using the products that cause redness or irritation
  • Don't use lipstick as an eyeshadow 
  • Always remove the makeup before you hit the bed

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