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Pressure Cookers

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The Best Pressure Cookers Online


A pressure cooker is one of the indispensable kitchen appliances in both traditional and contemporary cooking. For those who like cooking and spending time inside the kitchen experimenting with new dishes would certainly agree here.

Not only does it retain the essential nutrients and minerals while cooking the food items but it also serves as a decorative serve ware if the need arises. Distacart presents to you one of the finest range of pressure cookers of the best of brands to satiate your desire for the sumptuous dinner. With the popular brands and their features at your disposal, you can just leave the ingredients for cooking in the steam’s pressure while you can attend to other work.


Every Indian house has at least one story etched in their memories about these evergreen, easy- maintenance pressure cookers. These are first-generation, tried and tested, affordable steel pressure cookers that come with sturdy handles for everyday use. These are also easy to maintain and provide great health benefits. They are reliable, easy to use, specially designed for family use to provide optimal comfort while handling pressure. You can easily rely on its quality and performance regardless of the recipe you are going to use it for.


Stainless steel cookers are undoubtedly more long-lasting and durable. They are made from superior surgical grade non-magnetic stainless steel and stay bright till the end and do not pit or corrode. These will cook your food in no time by saving fuel costs at the same time. They come with a curved body for easy stirring. You can choose among a wide range of sizes as per your family size and requirement. They boast of the following -

  • Great design
  • Thick and heavy bottom for better cooking
  • Come with a 5-year warranty or more
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Pressure-locked safety lid - cannot be opened while there is pressure inside
  • Safety valve under the handlebar for greater safety
  • Gasket lasts longer since it is not rubbed sideways
  • Good performance in all conditions


Hard-anodized cookware such as cooker has become very popular due to the several advantages that it offers of being more durable, lighter, allowing better heat distribution, and being easy to clean. These cookers’ whistle rises above the lid under pressure and drops when the pressure inside falls to zero, giving a visible indication to safely open the cooker. Distacart provides you top-notch anodized pressure cookers of best brands that are household names for everyone. They mostly come with an outer lid and heavy bottom which makes it an apt choice for those who believe in spending less and expect wonders. These cookers make for perfect value for money purchase.

  • Durability
  • Non-toxic coating
  • Induction and gas compatibility
  • Pressure regulator


These pressure-cookers are relatively much reasonable and lighter which makes it easy to handle to move back and forth on any busy day in the kitchen. These are also known for resisting stains, scratches making them easy to maintain and clean in today’s fast, modern lifestyle. 

  • Lightweight and easy to maintain
  • Outer lid design makes it easier to stir and cook food
  • Works perfectly on gas stove and induction


Cookware and kitchenware have evolved over the years, with technology being used to create high-quality, low-maintenance kitchen products, designed to make cooking a breeze. These pressure cookers are every women’s favorite since they leave no stains and splatters behind on the platform. When other cookers take hours to cook; these stove-friendly, dishwasher- safe only take an hour with an induction-friendly base. They are available in 2L, 3L, 5L, 7.5L, 10L, 12L all sizes and designs. Also, they are aesthetically appealing making them a handy multi-purpose serve ware product at the dinner table.

  • Hard-Anodized Body,
  • Corrosion Resistant,
  • Super-Fast Cooking,
  • Easier Removal of Food,
  • Better Visibility of Food,
  • Black Body Heats Faster,
  • Curved Body for Easy Stirring,
  • Improved Pressure Regulator


1. How good is Hawkins’s Contura?

  • Heats up faster
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Reliable and faster cooking
  • Great value for money

2. Which Pressure Cooker is most reasonable yet durable?

Prestige Aluminium Pressure Cooker would be a perfect buy for the buyers who are looking for a pressure cooker with simple, easy to use and reliable design. Also, the 5-year warranty makes it an ideal choice. 

3. What size of a pressure cooker is ideal for 4-5 family members?

3-5 Litres cookers would be perfect for this size of the family.

4. How to choose the best material in cookers for cooking?

Choose as per your family size, usage, brand value, type of material. Reading instructions before the purchase is the most essential.

5. What are some safety tips with respect to pressure cookers?

  • Always check the gasket
  • Don’t fill the cooker more than 2/3rd
  • Let the cooker sit away from heat until all the pressure goes down
  • Run cold water on the lid
  • Use the steam release valve to let quickly escape the pressure. Make sure you stay away from the steam vent while doing this
  • Do not use more than recommended oil in the pressure pan for frying