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Beautiful Casseroles for Hot Servings:

Preparing a perfect meal for family and friends demands more than just great cooking! To place dishes on the table so they come out hot and ready to serve is one of the biggest challenges that one faces, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. There are many different types of casseroles that are available in different sizes, shapes and material to keep food hot so you can spend quality time with your family.

With the range of casseroles featured on Distacart one can choose from many options as per one’s requirement. It also saves the clutter of our kitchen and also we can just use one container to warm and serve.

Stainless Steel Casseroles:

  • Stainless steel bowl is provided with airtight plastic heat resistant lid which prevents the leakage of liquids, 
  • Stainless steel casseroles are made of sturdy, food-grade stainless steel and its impeccable lid keeps it tightly locked and secured once closed.
  • These sets are ideal for luncheons. 
  • You can serve a whole party given its capacity worth of food and snacks in it as this stainless-steel product will keep your food hot for long. It has exotic silver shining and is easy to clean.
  • This utensil is induction compatible and can be used both on gas stoves as well as induction cook tops.
    This set of sturdy casseroles set comes with leak-proof lids which minimizes the chances of spillage. 
  • The lids have a corner which juts out of the frame to allow easy opening of the containers
  • Superior insulation to keep food warm up to 6 hours
  • Outer body made of high- grade virgin plastic
  • Inner body made in 18/8 quality stainless steel
  • Insulated middle layer made of high quality PUF

Wooden Casseroles:

Wooden Antique Handcrafted Chapati Box with attractive design adds grace to your dining table. This attractive item is an exclusive souvenir for yourself and your loved ones. It is also a good gift for your friends and relatives. Showcasing pure elegance through its intricate artistry and graceful craftsmanship, this handcrafted chapati box will certainly give your kitchen decor sophisticated accents.

  • Type: Casserole
  • Made of: Wooden
  • Microwave Safe, Non-stick Coating
  • Lid Included

Plastic Casserole Sets:

  • These insulated casseroles are a must-have item for every kitchen. 
  • From previous night’s dinner, that has some leftovers, can be stored in the casserole and reheated the next day to be eaten for lunch or packed into the lunch box.
  • When you have a busy morning getting ready to work, have a wholesome as good as fresh breakfast in these essential, easy to carry casseroles. 
  • Prepare breakfast the previous evening, refrigerate in the casserole and reheat the next morning for a delicious hot breakfast in these attractive looking casseroles with great appealing factor. 
  • Made of best quality plastic to preserve your food, which keeps the food hot and fresh-tasting for hours.
  • Made from food grade materials and colours and come without gap inside lid fitting for better performance.
  • Casseroles are elegantly designed with a double-wall and a stainless-steel inner surface
  • It also features a contemporary dual-tone outer finish with integrated side-handles, to facilitate a firm grip. It is a must have for every household.

Steel/ Copper Casseroles: 

This is a set of centerpiece serve-ware for Indian food. Serve Indian dishes to your friends and family in this unique and ethnic looking centerpiece serve ware. With this serving utensil, your Indian style dining experience goes several notches up. The copper material used here is best grade. Hammered Copper is used only on the outside of the utensil and does not come in contact with the food. Only the high quality food grade stainless steel is in contact with the food. Two layers of metal with air cushion ensure that the food stays warm much longer. Serving dinner in these dinnerware handy-looking casseroles would be unforgettable experience at dinner table. 

Copper casseroles and pans can be used for most jobs, though they don’t react well to high heat. Try boiling, steaming, sauteing, or braising.

Also, because it’s so good at retaining and distributing heat, there is generally no need for a high flame.

Glass Casseroles:

As it's made of boro silicate glass, our bake ware-cum-casseroles can handle temperature as high as 300 degree Celsius. So you can use them to make cookies too. It is made of borosilicate glass and is guaranteed to withstand temperatures of up to 300-degree centigrade.


1. Is Copper Casserole durable?

Each piece of cookware possesses a flared lip to catch drips and facilitate pouring, and our cast iron handles not only look rustic and appealing, they are ergonomic as well in today’s drastically changing climate, this makes for an essential item for a healthy life . 

Because copper is a reactive metal, it is be lined with another material, such as stainless steel or tin.

2. How to take care of wooden casseroles?

Easy to clean. Do not use harsh chemicals to clean.

3. How to take care of Milton daily use casseroles?

Do not keep near fire, gas stove or any flammable items. Use a soft brush with a mild detergent for cleaning, in order to avoid scratches. Always use warm water for cleaning. Also, always keep lid in proper lock position. 

4. How to clean Copper Casseroles?

Wash with soap and water, and scrub with a gentle plastic brush. Do not use steel wool or abrasive cleaners. Over time, the copper outside of the pan will age, or patina. While some prefer this aged look, it’s also easy to polish away with a copper cookware cleaner or a number of homemade remedies.

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