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Oats are one of the healthiest grains in the world. Oats are an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. It has numerous health benefits. It is good for weight loss; reducing blood sugar levels and reducing the risk of heart disease.

Oats Nutritional Benefits:

Oats are perhaps the healthiest whole grain on the planet. They contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Raw oats contain 66% carbohydrates including close to 11% fibre. They are especially rich in a potent soluble fibre known as beta-glucan. Oats are comparatively a good source of protein with more than any other grains. Scientific studies have shown that oats can reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol levels. It also reduces blood glucose levels, particularly in people with type 2 diabetes. Oats are very nourishing and can help in losing weight. 

Oats Benefits For Weight Loss:

Oats contain a healthy blend of fibre, complex carbs and vegetable proteins that make them useful for weight loss. A half-cup of oats contains 150 calories, 3 g of fat, 27g of carbohydrates, 5g of protein, 4g of dietary fibre, 2g of soluble fibre and 1g of natural sugar. Regular intake of oats in your diet will help you to reduce weight and maintain a healthy weight. 

Oats Recipes:

There are different varieties of dishes that can be prepared with oats such as oats upma, Oats dosa, Oats omelettes, oats idly, oats besan cheela, vegetable oat porridge, chocolate oats, Oats payasam, and many more. There are healthy as well as delicious to eat.

Types Of Oats:

There are different types of oats available online on Distacart. 

Rolled oats:  Rolled oats are whole oats that have been roasted, peeled, steamed, and rolled. It absorbs more liquid, cooks quickly and keeps its shape when cooked. 

Quick oats:  Quick oats have been cut, steamed, and laminated into finer oats making them faster to cook than rolled oats. You can cook it within 5 minutes and due to their finer texture, they are commonly used as biscuits and bread. 

Steel-cut oats: Steel-cut oats have a soft texture and hazelnut taste. It is whole and has been cut twice or thrice with small pieces of steel. It will take a little longer to take but will give an amazing texture.

Scottish oats: Scottish oats have been milled in stone almost in powder. This secular process results in a creamy and copious porridge.

Oat grains: It is made from whole grain oats. It is rich in nutrition and very mellow making them an excellent substitute for rice and others.

Instant oats:  Instant oats are a quick and easy way to get nutrition. It can be used to make healthy breakfast and evening snacks anytime faster.

Oats nutrition:  Oats are a healthier choice as it contains low fat. It is a good source of manganese and antioxidants that are essential for bone development. It is contributed as the daily requirement of protein. It contains other essential nutrition substances. Doctors highly suggest taking oats in all types of diets to maintain the nutrition level of the body.

Plain oats online:  Plain oats are rich in nutrition and have high soluble fibre and beta-glucan which can help to lose weight and improve blood sugar, reducing the risk of heart and intestine diseases. You can easily get this oat online from Distacart.

Masala oats online:  Masala oats are healthy, low in fat and rich in fibre and it contains other nutrient benefits also. You can easily cook anything with Masala oats in a short time even if you are in hurry. It is mostly suitable for breakfast. Grab this Masala oat online at the best price from Distacart.

Buy Oats Online From Distacart:

Thanks for online shopping. Oats are something which we have to make our daily food to keep our body healthy. Buying a quality product at best is important. All types of oats of the best quality are available on Distacart. You can also check for other categories like groceries, sweets, dry fruits, nuts, and more.

Oats FAQ’s:

1. What oat is best for diet?
Oatmeal is best for a healthy and balanced diet.

2. Are oats good for the skin?
Oats are used as a home remedy for soothing dry and itchy skin.

3. Where do oats come from?
Oats grow on a field such as wheat and barley all year long.

4. What is the best time to eat oats?
Breakfast is the best time to eat oats.

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