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Dry Fruits & Nuts For Good Health

Dry Fruits are good for one’s health; this nobody needs to be told. They have innumerable health benefits. They are highly recommended for generic diseases like common cold, cholesterol and diabetes. In case one is on a diet, then dry fruits won’t just help in keeping weight in control but will also help in maintaining good health. Dry fruits are not just convenient to carry anywhere but are also tasty. 

Dry fruits can either be eaten raw or can be roasted for more taste. They are considered as one of the healthiest and best option to be served with beverages. Some people prefer eating them on daily basis as a part of their lifestyle while there are others who put them in dishes. From kheer, pulao to mango shakes and ice-creams, dry fruits can be used as toppings or additive in many dishes. The best part is that dry fruits and nuts are convenient to store as well. Just keep in air tight containers away from moisture and you will be able to savor them for as long as you want. 

Many people prefer to carry dry fruits with them or sweets using dry fruits items when they travel long distance, as these are convenient, healthy and tasty all at the same time. 

In case you live in countries like USA and Canada, where you can’t get dry fruits easily in stores then prefer purchasing dry fruits online on Distacart. The site has various options from various brands to help you get the right dose of health and goodness, all at the same time. 

Dry Fruits Wholesale Online

Usually dry fruits are such that people prefer them purchasing them in wholesale rather than in limited quantity and packeted. Distacart has many options where one can buy dry fruits online in wholesale. For example, G. Pulla reddy offers dry fruits options in two manners - Wholesale variety in which one can purchase as much quantity as one wishes to. These are ready to consume and are not decorated hence not for gifting purpose and all. The other option is where one can buy decorative pack of dry fruits containing four items which one can use for different gifting purposes like Diwali Gifts, Corporate gifts etc. 

Both the options have high quality dried fruits and nuts which are completely vegetarian. In the wholesale pack, which is ready to consume, one can get around eight dry fruit and nut items weighed in equal quantity. The items in it are – Figs, Raisins, Walnuts, Apricots, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Date Palms and Cashew Nuts. As mentioned earlier, this is not a decorated option and hence it’s all about the quantity and not the decoration. One can always pull out a handful of them and enjoy them as per one’s choice. On the other hand, the other option by G. Pulla Reddy Dry Fruits Decorative Pack which contains four items – Dry figs, Almond nuts, Cashew nuts, California Pistachios. This type of pack is perfect for gifting purpose on Diwali, Raksha Bandhan or on Holi. One can also use it as a Corporate Gift. 

Whichever pack you purchase for whatever quantity, the benefits of dry fruits and their quality remain the same. Purchase them from Distacart and see for yourself!


How about another healthy yet different alternate to dry fruits and nuts? Seedless dates, yes that’s the in thing these days which people prefer a lot over commonly consumed and distributed dry fruit packs. 

On Distacart, you can purchase a 500 kg pack of Emperor seedless dates which is not just healthy but tasty too. Rest assured for the quality and genuinity of the product. It’s 100% satisfactory. In case, you want to try something different for gifting this time then you can prefer choosing a seedless dates pack, it will definitely create an impression for you. 

You can buy this pack for Distacart even if you are in USA or Canada. Consider this site as your nearby dry fruit store and stay assured of the convenience and quality. Distacart ensures that the dry fruits delivery is timely and safe. 


1. What are the health benefits of dry fruits?

There are various health benefits of dry fruits and nuts like they contain minerals, vitamins, proteins and they are also rich in fibre. One can also choose them as a healthy option if one is on diet.

2. Where can I buy Indian dry fruits near me?

In countries like USA and Canada, you might not be able to purchase dry fruits and nuts in stores around you. You will have to purchase them online on Distacart. They can be delivered at almost all places across USA and Canada through Distacart. 

3. How can I buy dry fruits online in wholesale?

If you want to buy dry fruits online in wholesale, you can do so from Distacart. The site offers various options of purchasing dry fruits and nuts in varied quantities.  

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