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Books broaden a kid's horizons, improve communication, and kickstart a lifelong pursuit of knowledge and understanding for them. Discovering the wide variety of books offered at Distacart may be done by exposing your youngster to various genres.


Kids are captivated by illustrations, which may help them learn about a variety of other worlds. Before the age of three, preschoolers can read images. They grow reliant on images to help them grasp the tale, interact with the characters, and form emotional attachments. As kids become older, their need for images diminishes since they've already done a fantastic job of getting them started on the road to reading. Tranquility in tales may be found across a wide range of subject matter and genres.

We often think of children's books as straightforward picture books. However, it is only a jumping-off place for subsequent imaginings. Children's book categories include a great deal more.

Age 0-5: Children between the ages of 0 and 5 are the target audience for picture books and board books.

Age 5-7: Early readers advance to books that include just a few lines of text on each page. While they remain visually focused, the books start to aid in the development of a child's vocabulary.

Age 7-12: Children who have progressed from picture-driven books to young readers or basic chapter books are targeted.

Age 13-Above: For kids aged 13 and above, literature deals with topics that are relevant to teens.

There are numerous genres to choose from within these age groups.

Kid’s Books Genres


Typically, this is a brief narrative with few characters, and the characters are often anthropomorphic — animals that behave and talk like people. A story will always include an essential societal lesson.


The legend must have some element of true historical knowledge, such as a protagonist who really existed at one time. The historical tale then becomes a legend as genuine events are embellished, new magical happenings are included, and the individual is elevated to truly heroic stature. 


This is an origin narrative, an account of how and why something came to be the way it is now. Myths may be used to explain natural phenomena, the origins of the universe (or anything on it), or why people behave the way they do.


A fairytale is always about magic, an evil antagonist, and a joyful conclusion. This is a good vs. evil narrative with supernatural and strange elements. Fairytales are often (but not always) situated in a distant land, a long, long time ago. Often, but not always, a princess is a pivotal figure.

Trickster Tale:

This is any narrative about a character (anthropomorphic, human, mythological beast, or god) that has superior knowledge and powers and utilizes them to deceive other characters. It's critical to remember that the trickster causes events to occur without regard for the trickster.


A folktale is any kind of narrative that is conveyed orally and has been passed down through generations. A folktale may be a tall tale, a fairytale, a fable, a myth, or a legend — or it may just be a nice ghost story.

Poetry and Verse:

These are books featuring rhymed tales. It may be any style of narrative, but the wonderful thing about poetry books for children is that they help children grow and increase their language and memory abilities. 

Kid's Books FAQ’s:

1. How lengthy is an average children's book for children aged 5 to 7?

The book has a page count of 32 or 40 pages and a word count of less than 1,500. Adults generally read them aloud to children, which allows for a more advanced vocabulary.

2. Which children's books by Indian writers are "must-reads"?

There is a wealth of outstanding writing accessible in Indian children's literature, including the enduring Ruskin Bond, the amusing Yogesh Joshi, who educates as he entertains, and numerous more, covering everything from science fiction to folk stories and madcap adventures.
  • Ruskin Bond - Friends In Wild Place, Birds Beasts & Other Companions
  • R. K. Narayan - Malgudi Days, Swami & Friends
  • Satyajit Ray - Feluda and other short stories, Amar Chitra Katha Collection

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