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Best Baby Cereals and Ragi Products Online

Having a traditional breakfast is what we all choose to have, but not after experiencing the goodness, and ease of making a healthy cereal breakfast. Not only for adults but also for babies, cereals are a great way to give your body enough protein and loaded nutrients on a daily basis to kick start your day. Low fat, a good amount of calories, balanced sugar, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Cereals belong to the grass family, they are cultivated to acquire all the nutritional qualities of a grain. They are stapled crops and are consumed for energy, and also as breakfast. Cereals are weight watcher's best friends. Get high protein and fiber from cereal food. Cereals in India are widely used for making various kinds of recipes, however, there are morning breakfast cereals online for babies and adults which are instant mixes. Also, find other snack mixes online from Distacart. Enjoy breakfast cereals in different fruit flavors online such as banana, strawberry, apple, and other fruit essences. There are 10 types of cereals, they are rye, ragi, oats, rice, barley, maize, millet, corn, sorghum, and quinoa. The healthiest cereals for kids are ragi, rice, and oats. Buy baby cereals and ragi products online on Distacart.

Serve warm Cereal Breakfast:

Serve your baby with hot or cold cereals, based on the analysis of the baby's interest. If you opt for hot yummy cereals, mix cereals with water, and honey, and cook for at least 5 minutes on low flame after stirring continuously to avoid lumps, take it in a separate bowl and add ghee, nuts, or fruits on it for that extra crunchiness.

Serve cool Cereal Breakfast: 

If you want to serve them a cold breakfast cereal try mixing the bowl of cereal with honey, cold water or milk, or even yogurt and mix until you see a porridge consistency.

100 grams of Cereals would provide this nutrition to the body:

Potassium - 100 - 105 mg

Protein - 6 grams

Dietary fiber - 1.3 - 1.4 grams

Iron - 180% - 190%

Vitamin B6 - 300%

Vitamin C - 60 - 64%

Magnesium - 3% - 4%

Calcium - 1%

Cereal Benefits:

Gut Health: Cereals like oats, rice, and ragi help in providing soluble fiber to the body which enhances the health of the gut, and improves digestion.

Energy: High protein content in cereals helps in kick-starting your day with a kind of activeness and freshness, as a healthy body brings a healthy mind.

Good source of supplements: Cereals for babies would be the best possible way to give babies all they needed for growth and development as cereals are rich in calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Good taste: Along with health benefits, cereals are usually the yummiest food to opt for. Most babies enjoy having cereals for their smooth texture and good taste.

Manages weight: Cereals make our tummy fuller for a longer time which helps in avoiding eating excess food and also doesn’t invite cravings.

Here are some of the popular Cereals in India, and probably the best cereals for Babies:
Oats cereals: Oats are the healthiest form of grains for a nutritious intake. Oats are for every age, they improve digestion, boost the immune system, and help in lowering cholesterol in the body. Make oats a part of your baby and your diet in the form of oat cereals and thank us later.

Rice cereals: Rice is evidently a good fiber content to have, healthy food for everyone, however, rice cereals made of rice grains are a no complained food recipe. Rice cereal's benefits are top-notch for your babies, as it can help strengthen the bones of the baby, a good source of nutrition, calcium, and magnesium. Give your baby enough iron for overall development in the form of cereals food

Ragi cereals: Ragi is an age-old recipe that has been still in, due to its amazing health benefits. Whereas a cereal made with organic ragi is a win. Ragi cereal is rich in B vitamins, phosphorus, and folic acid. Ragi cereals for babies often help in their body development.

Quinoa cereals: For those who are not a fan of oats try quinoa cereals as which is a good alternative for oats, moreover quinoa is popular because of its high protein and fiber content. Quinoa is rich in iron and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Make quinoa cereals a part of your diet and there is no way of looking back.

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