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Organic India Products

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Organic India - The Road to Healthy Conscious Living:

Herbal living is the best way to ensure a holistic lifestyle. Indian heritage of natural healing is deep-rooted in each of its products. Established in 1997, the company is a trustworthy name in the market of all-natural products. It uses advanced processing and dehydration technologies to ensure that maximum medicinal properties of the herbs are retained. Experience true wellness with the wide array of organic products from Organic India. ForOrganic India products online at USA and Canada, Distacart is your one stop shop.

Organic India Health Supplements:

Organic India follows Ayurveda to prepare its health supplements. Enriched in vitamins and minerals, products like Organic India Ashwagandha capsules, Neem capsules and Triphala can provide inner healing from numerous health issues like arthritis, inflammation and indigestion. 

Organic Dietary supplements: 

Ayurveda has used medicinal plants, herbs, fruits, bark and seeds for thousands of years to prepare dietary supplements. Organic India uses the same recipe to meet the nutritious requirements of modern times. Products like Organic India wheat grass powder or pure honey (extracted from the bee hives of wild forests) are utterly delicious and healthy. Products like Chyawanprash, fromOrganic India, is a magic potent to boost strength, immunity and also for rejuvenation. Made with 38 healing herbs and finest quality fruits, Organic India Organic Chyawanprash is “The Elixir of Life.” 

Oganic India Beverages:

Organic India is known for its 100% certified food products. Sip in nutrients every morning and evening to stay healthy. Organic India picks up the best of roots and herbs to make your favourite beverage healthy. Use a touch of honey and enjoy the taste and aroma of exotic variants like Tulsi Green Tea (which comes with lemon, ginger or with pomegranate). All these beverages are well packed and shipped directly from the manufacturing units of Organic India, right in the USA by Distacart. So, if you are looking forOrganic India USA products, you can get all that you need on our website.

Organic India Personal Care Products:

Organic India personal care products online from Distacart also includes all-natural beauty kit. Pamper your delicate skin with natural wellness with the Organic India beauty, skin, face and hair care products. Made with pure and rich herbal oils like lavender, frankincense and rosehip, the products are true Ayurvedic formulations. We deliver products like Organic India hair vitality oil, facial serum, facial masque or face and body mist right at your doorsteps, across the USA and Canada.

If you are looking for high quality ayurvedic products,Organic India products are your best choice. Order theOrganic India ayurvedic products online at Distacart. We promise to deliver these products duty-free right at your doorstep, in both the countries. 

Want these products quick? Distacart offers express delivery just within 3-4 days of placing the order.


1. Who is the owner of Organic India?

This is a multi-national company founded by Bharat Mitra and his wife, Bhavani Lev.

2. When was Organic India established?

Organic India was established on 1997

3. Why to buy Organic India products online at Distacart?

Distacart ensures 100% authentic herbal products from Organic India. The products are sourced directly from the manufacturing units of Organic India and delivered within 3-4 days of placing the order. 

4. Is Organic India products safe to use?

The herbs used in Organic India products are produced naturally. These are harvested by hand and locally processed. The products are free from chemicals, solvents and alcohol. Also, Organic India products are certified.

5. Is Organic India Green tea good for weight loss?

Yes. The delicious green tea is enriched with antioxidants and boosts metabolism. So regular drinking of Organic India Green tea can help in weight loss.

6 Are there Organic India distributors in USA?

You can buy 100% pure herbal products from Organic India at Distacart website. This e-commerce site sells personal care, dietary supplements and all variants of herbal tea from the brand. 

7. What is the benefit of havingOrganic India chyawanprash?

Prepared with 38 herbs, Organic India chyawanprash strengthens the immune system. Have 1 spoonful of the chyawanprash every day to purify blood, alleviate cough and asthma.

8. Within how many days can I getOrganic India USA products?

Distacart offers express delivery of Organic India products within 3-4 days across USA and Canada.

9. What are the benefits of Organic India Ashwagandha?

Organic India Ashwagandha capsules can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

10. Is Organic India green tea caffeine free?

Organic India Tulsi Sleep, Tulsi Ginger and Tulsi Original are some caffeine free tea variants from the brand.