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May 31, 2022

Preserve, Protect, and Pamper With The Best Natural and Organic Baby Sunscreen for Babies!

Summer vacays with family are the best, but until you and your baby aren’t subjected to the soaring beat of the heat, it seems quite related, isn’t it? No wonder sunscreen is a shield that protects us from the UV rays and radiation of the sun, it prevents the skin barrier from damaging and rays entering the deep skin tissues, and also de-tans, hydrates, and rejuvenates the skin. No one is an exception, everyone must apply sunscreen to protect their skin, there is no alternative if you are a person who roams out especially. However, there comes a question on our mind: can sunscreen go on babies? And yes, they need sunscreen too, but make sure they are according to their sensitive skin because baby’s skin is very thin and sensitive compared to adults, babies need extra care and love in the form of skincare products suitable to their texture, therefore parents must be a bit careful while buying baby sunscreen.

Baby Sunscreen

However early sunrise rays do carry vitamin D, yet the soaring temperatures can damage the skin cells and so we need a nurturing sunscreen for our baby skin to help protect them from sunburn, irritation, rashes, peeling, and tan. Organic baby sunscreen is the best option for your babies. Babies do need sunscreen but that shouldn’t be reactive enough on their sensitive skin, dermatologists recommended sunscreens are the best, also there are various sunscreens for babies online, which are dermatological proven that are safe on babies' soft skin. Not only for sunscreen, go for the products that contain SPF in it, such as body lotions with SPF, shampoos with SPF, and creams with SPF, this particular choice is a safe way to reduce the risk of skin problems for the baby, no matter how far you involve them in your summer vacay.  

Importance of Baby Sunscreen for Babies' Skin:

Baby Sunscreen Importance

Babies run all around, no matter whether you take them for a vacay or just at home, they keep on playing and run outside, a best organic baby sunscreen can be a shield on their skin, know the benefits of sunscreen for babies here:

No Sun Burns:

Baby Sunscreen protects the baby's skin from UV radiation and so the rays couldn't harm the delicate skin and are no chances of sunburns, peeling, redness, swelling, or itching

Combat Acne:

No tiny bumps, acne, or pimples on the baby's skin, as long as the right organic sunscreen is on their skin.

Improves Skin Hydration:

Summers seem to be dehydrating for both adults and children, especially babies who don't drink water on their own hence they are more prone to get dehydrated body and skin, baby sunscreen quench the skin's thirst with enough moisturization

Reduces Chances of Skin Cancer:

UVA & UVB rays are extremely harmful to babies' skin and increase the chances of causing skin cancer, the best organic baby sunscreen protects and prevents their skin from skin cancer

Check out various options for natural and organic sunscreen for babies here in this guide!

Organic sunscreens are pretty good on baby skin no matter what the skin type your baby has, they are gentle, nourishing, and hydrating on baby’s skin, you can go through the following natural best baby sunscreen below with effective ingredients and at affordable prices. Sunscreens mentioned below are sweat-proof, water-resistant, made-safe, organic, non-greasy, long-lasting, SPF-based, and suitable for mild to extremely delicate baby skin.

Mama Earth Baby Sunscreen:

Mama Earth Baby Sunscreen

Perfect natural sunscreen to nurture your baby’s supple skin and preserve the softness of their texture, mama earth baby sunscreen has extremely baby-safe ingredients that are blended with purely natural and organic herbal extracts.

The Moms Co Mineral-Based Sunscreen For Babies: 

The Moms Co Mineral-Based Sunscreen For Babies

The Moms Co. Mineral-Based Sunscreen protects your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and stops sunburn. It is enriched with minerals Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide which protect the skin from harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Organic Carrot Seed Oil and Red Raspberry Seed Oil protect the skin from sun damage, Pongamia Glabra Seed Oil reduces skin redness while Shea butter soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Sebamed Baby Sunscreen:

Sebamed Baby Sunscreen

No artificial preservatives and ingredients, only the goodness of nature settled in Sebamed baby sunscreen organic for babies with sensitive skin types. This multi-protection sunscreen not only protects your baby's skin but also induces essential vitamins into the skin and contributes to balanced pH of the skin

Mother Sparsh Sunscreen:

Mother Sparsh Sunscreen

Just like the name, mother Sparsh sunscreens are the most gentle infused with skin-lovable ingredients to give your baby a layer of mother’s love. This natural barrier prevents the damage of the sun as well as super good for the baby’s skin

Lotus Herbal Baby Sunscreen:

Lotus Herbal Baby Sunscreen

Lotus herbal safest baby sunscreen is a savior, baby gets hydration, and protection at the same time. Most widely trusted sunscreen for years, undoubtedly the best barrier to the delicate skin of your baby.

Cetaphil Baby Sunscreen:

Cetaphil Baby Sunscreen

Cetaphil's best baby sunscreen equates to the synonym of gentle, it maintains balanced SPF, long-lasting moisture retention, and high protection against UVA and UVB rays, they are all the ideal nature you wish for your baby’s skin.

It is good for everyone to switch to natural organic sunscreen, as sunscreen is a mandatory product on the skin, so this over-usage doesn't damage the skin if you try organic sunscreen on your skin. Also if your baby is older than 6 months, you can fearlessly apply safe baby sunscreen on their skin, even though you apply sunscreen, it isn’t advisable to expose the baby to the sun for long hours it might affect their health in terms of dehydration, stroke and many other consequences, limit the direct sun expose, carry summer drinks, a scarf, and the best sunscreen and your baby is good to go to beat the heat!

Measures to Take On a Hot Sunny Day for Infants:

  • It’s not suggested to use sunscreen on infants or babies under 6 months of age, hence you need to take some measures to keep your infants safe from the sun.
  • Cover your baby with cotton cloth, make sure you use sheer cloth on the face 
  • Regularly hydrate them with water or milk
  • Consult a pediatrician to get some infant protected creams if any
  • Wear a skin-friendly hat to protect babies' eyes, ears, and neck areas
  • If your infant got skin redness because of sun heat, use cold packs and call your infant’s pediatrician asap
Baby Sunscreen Faqs

Baby Sunscreen FAQs:

1. How many months babies can apply Baby Sunscreen?

If your baby is above 6 months you can apply organic baby sunscreen on the body which is exposed out.

2. How to apply sunscreen to a baby?

Squeeze a sufficient amount of baby sunscreen and apply it on the baby's skin which is going to be exposed, it’s better to apply it 15 minutes before you step out. Reapply a generous amount every 2 or 3 hours

3. Which SPF is good for babies and children?

Organic Baby Sunscreen with SPF 30 and above is good for children and babies

4. Is organic baby sunscreen for babies suitable for every skin type?

Yes, organic sunscreens are suitable for every skin type, however, it’s important to go for a patch test before you apply.

5. Can I put sunscreen on my baby?

Babies above 6 months need the best organic baby sunscreen to protect their skin from harsh and harmful rays of the sun

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