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March 16, 2022

Blink with Beautiful Eyes:

Do you know a Beauty can Speak with her Eye-lan-gaze!

Eyes are the most captivating part of a face, no matter what gender you belong to, your confident eyes attract and allure. Fortunately, a woman can make her eyes a bit more interesting with all the makeup or accessories that are specially made for eyes. Adding some glitters to the eyes fetches a glow-getter look, how many of you love eye makeup? Well all of us probably even not at all times, but once in a while after watching our favorite actress with her beautiful eyes on the big screen, take our hearts right away, inspired by it, we might have tried once and ended up with either an outstanding result or bad eye makeup. Here is a guide on why and how a woman should do her eye makeup, sit right and read aloud.

Eye Makeup

Firstly collect the eye makeup products that are necessary for your whole eye makeup, below are the products that should know why they are used before you buy to add to your eye makeup kit

Eye Primer: To improve or enhance the skin’s texture, eye primer is a must, just like a face primer before foundation, do apply eye primer to prevent eyes from creasing

Eye Concealer:To correct and cover the eyes, dark circles, exhausted face,  an eye concealer is a must-have product that can be sometimes replaced by a foundation

Eyeliner: Eyeliner drawn on the upper part of the eye draws attention, shapes the eye, looks like a sketch of an art. Eyeliner has the power to change the overall look of an eye and its shape

Eye Shadow palette:To begin the dramatic show, an eye shadow palette helps to form a base to fullest look for glittery multicolored attractive eyes, it's like a new tone to the eye.

Eye Kajal: Eye Kajal can change the entire look of the eye, it brings out the fuller look, gives a smooth clear cut of the eye shape

Eye Brow pencil or eye brow enhancer:Eye brow pencil is a  perfect overall eye look outliner, the shape of it defines the elegant look of the eye makeup

Mascara: Even though lashes mean a minimal detail, a mascara finish to eyelashes brings an angelic look to the eyes. The mascara brings an excellent finishing touch to the eyes makeup look

Eye Makeup Look

Why is eye makeup important?

No matter what age group you belong to, eyes always welcome someone to send their love vibes. There is some kind of pleasure in getting flattering comments. We all enjoy them, don't we? To show your irresistible beauty, you must do your eye makeup. One can find a visible change in you when you do the eye makeup, even if it is minimal. It enhances the look and uplifts confidence, remember people will not be killed by your lovely expressions without the talking eyes!

How to do eye makeup?

Eye makeup is not that easy, but you can get the best eye makeup with regular practice. Start with small strokes of eyeliner and single shades of eye shadow. Eventually, Try different shapes of eyeliner and dual shades of eyeshadows. Follow these steps to create the best beginner eye makeup look

  • Start with a primer apply all over the eye above and below
  • Apply concealer on the corners to cover fine lines and blemishes
  • Apply foundation evenly
  • Start applying the eye shadow, choose the shade that matches your dress
  • After finishing eye shadow, draw the strokes of eyeliner 
  • Later Apply Kajal start from the inner corner and move towards the outer corner
  • Finish the eye makeup with Voluminous Mascara to enrich the overall look

Types of Eye Makeup:

Not normal eye makeup does the job for every occasion you must maintain different types of eye makeup, especially with eyeliner and eyeshadows. However eyeshadows must go according to the hues of the costume, eyeliner can be changed according to the occasion. Let's dig more into this!

Keeping it Minimal: Just a natural shade with one or two shades of the palette, and a wide thin line of eyeliner, and smudge-proof kajal can do the thing without overdoing and keeping it very basic, good for a beginner.

Smokey eye makeup:Smokey eye makeup revamps the lady look, creating a blend of darkness on the eye just like smoke art. The pitch dark and faded black blending seems like smudging is what exactly a smokey eye makeup

Cat-eye Makeup - If you want to try cat-eye makeup, avoid dark shades from the eye palette, go for natural shades and start setting the stroke with eyeliner in one shot. Start from the inner corners of the eye and pull towards the cat-eye like a wave to reach the top corner of the eye. It's a better idea to choose this makeup if you are about to enjoy the nightclubs or parties 

Fox eye makeup - Fox eye makeup is the most viral trendy eye makeup look that seems like a visual optical illusion with light shades on the sharp edges up towards the temples of an eye. Either use the same eyeshadow overall or different shades of brown or dark colors downside creating a gradient illusion 

Hooded eye makeup - Hooded eye makeup is a bit different from regular eye makeup. To make the eyes look bigger concentrate on the hooded part and outer corner of the eye with a light shade, use the middle crease with dark color.

Eye makeup remover - The most important step is to remove makeup at the end of the day or before you hit the bed. Especially when it comes to eye makeup one should never compromise in removing it. Grab baby oil or vaseline or use any other eye makeup removers to unstain the shadow tints, kajal black, mascara, and eyeliner. The area around the eyes is the most sensitive area, so be sure you give enough care to avoid fine lines, wrinkles, or any kind of damage around it 

No matter how keenly we explain to you, one needs the right guidance to help themselves with good eye makeup, watch eye makeup tutorials, but before that, you should know that only the right products do the hygiene job on your skin. Buy eye makeup products online that are skin-friendly and that are formulated with quality ingredients.

We are so sure that we made you agree on the point that eye makeup is too important to embrace, enhance, enchant the overall look. What are you waiting for, go for your very next outing with eye makeup on!!!

Eye Makeup FAQs:

1. What is an eye highlighter?

An eye highlighter is an eye makeup product that often can be neglected if you have a flawless under-eye area, because an eye highlighter usually covers dark circles, or pigmented areas, and creates a glazing effect

2. What colors of an eye palette shadow make me look younger?

Apply Peach shade for fair skin, and medium skin tone, or go for coral shades such as orange, red, or pink for dark to medium skin tones to look younger

3. Can I apply blush as an eye shadow?

Keep in mind, that blush isn’t specially made for sensitive skin around the eyes, even you want to choose blush as an eye shadow, try fewer traces. However, eyeshadow can be a blush.

4. What is the few best eye shadow combinations?

Coral goes well with blue, beige with grey, orange with navy blue, nude always go well with gold or yellow, cream with peach these are the few best shadow combinations

5. Can I do eye makeup every day?

Eye makeup is important maybe you can apply it every day but keep it minimal, eye overdo can impose strain on your eyes. Most importantly choose the right quality eye makeup products

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