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September 21, 2022

9 Colours of Navratri 2022: What, When, and How to Dress Up This Navratri? 

Navratri is around the corner. The 9 days of grand celebration followed by Dussehra mark the victory of good over evil. Every woman aspires to dress their absolute best during these nine days. Generally, people have associated 9 colors for all 9 days of Navratri. This will be a unique idea to wear your Navratri traditional dress according to the color theme.

Distacart is here to help you in selecting your Navratri outfits online. Read on for some wonderful suggestions for all nine days of Navratri based on the color theme.

Day 1: Yellow 

Start the festival with a saree! Day 1 is dedicated to the Shailputri form of Durga, and the color yellow symbolizes joy and happiness. You can opt for a Chinon yellow saree for an easy yet beautiful look.

Day 2: Green

Green, is the color of happiness! The second day of Navratri is dedicated to the goddess Brahmacharini, and it is advised to wear green on this day. Go for this gorgeous green kaftan kurta that is extremely trendy right now. To make it look even better, team it up with matching golden jewelry.

Day 3: Grey

In between the bright and vibrant colors, grey looks unique and sober. It symbolizes strength and fearlessness. A grey saree teamed up with bright color jewelry or blouse looks posh and elegant. This grey-colored Kanjeevaram saree will make you stand out from the crowd.

Day 4: Orange

Make way to the most vibrant color, the color of energy and positivity, orange. The moment you wear an orange color outfit, an instant glow appears on your face. Go for this orange kurta dress by Libas with Motifs Printed Mirror Work.

Day 5: Royal Blue

As the name itself suggests, the royal blue color signifies prosperity and wealth. This color gives a royal touch to the outfit. You can wear this banarasi saree in blue color on day five. To make it look more beautiful, go for golden bangles and jewelry with it.

Day 6: Pink 

Every woman loves pink. No, we are not stereotyping it, but you cannot deny the fact that pink is the freshest color out there. The pink color also symbolizes intelligence and passion. You can opt for the numerous shades of gorgeous pink color. Try this beautiful embroidered designer saree this Navratri.

Day 7: Black

Day 7 is dedicated to the Kali form of goddess Durga. She is known for her ferocious and strong energy. Just like her, you can also go for something in black. It is such a versatile color that makes every outfit look better. This Navratri you can choose a gorgeous black saree.

Pro tip: Put red roses in your hair to enhance your overall appearance.

Day 8: Red

Any festival is incomplete without wearing something in red. A divine color, red, denotes love and power. And that’s exactly what we celebrate on these 9 days. Red is a bold color that also stands for love and passion, much like how a woman is. This Navratri, on the 8th day, go for the timeless classic- The Red Saree!

Day 9: Violet 

Last but not the least, the day 9 of Navratri. The color violet represents aspiration. On this day you can go for a kurta in violet color for a simple yet effective look. The color is also said to be related to endurance. On this day, it is claimed that anyone wearing purple will have a pure heart.

Wear the Colour of Peace on Dussehra:

Dussehra is the day that signifies the triumph of good over evil. What better color to dedicate to this day other than white? The color white symbolizes purity and peace. If you are looking for a traditional dress for Dussehra then go for something in white. You can opt for a white saree, suit, or kurta. We suggest you go with this gorgeous white Anarkali suit. Pair it up with a Churidar of your choice and big chandbali earrings to complete the look. Go through our Dussehra & Navratri Collection.

How to Style Your Traditional Outfits for Navratri 

Styling your traditional wear is altogether a different ballgame. While buying the correct outfit is important, styling them in a good way is a game changer. Styling your Indian wear can be difficult but with the correct way and a tad bit of effort, you can pull it off. Here are some of the styling tips for your ethnic wear for this Navratri:

Wear Oxidized Jewelry- Oxidised earrings and necklaces go well with every traditional outfit. You can wear a plain outfit and glam it up using the oxidized jewelry pieces without making a hole in your pocket.  

Carry A Nice Potli Bag- Potli bags are the new clutch. They are in trend right now and give an edge to all your traditional wear. Potli bags are available in different shapes and sizes. You can go for an embellished golden potli bag or a bright-colored one to amp up your look.

Try New Makeup Looks- Festivals are the time to experiment with your looks. You can try new makeup looks that you don’t usually do. Go for a bright eye shadow or bold lipstick to look glamorous in Navratri. Shop for make-up products online by visiting the Distacart website.

Navratri is one of the most auspicious Indian festivals. While we prepare for it for a long time it is also important to plan your dresses beforehand. Navratri special dress for ladies is available at in a budget-friendly manner. Visit the website to get all your needs for Navratri 2022 under one roof. Along with the dresses you can also find Indian Sweets & Indian Snacks and check out other Navratri offers at Distacart.

Popular Traditional Wear Brands:

KalamandirSuta Bombay | Myra CoutureBibaIshin Kurta SetsJaipur Kurti | Rudra Bazaar  | Varanga | Vamika | Saree MallVardha Sarees | CheeraJanasya | Libas | MyshkaAhalyaaMominos | IndyaYufta

Navratri Indian Traditional Outfits for Women FAQs:

1. Where should I buy traditional Navratri outfits online for women?

For buying a traditional outfit for women visit the distacart website. Here you will find a huge collection of kurtas, sarees, traditional gowns, and much more.

2. How to style Navratri outfits?

Navratri outfits can be styled in multiple ways. You can wear bright makeup, and jewelry or carry a nice bag. To buy accessories to style Navratri outfits visit the Distacart website.

3. What should I wear for Navratri?

Navratri is an Indian festival. It is advised to wear traditional clothes during Navratri. You can opt for any kind of traditional dress for women like kurtas, suits, sarees, Anarkali, or gowns.

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