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April 18, 2022

Here Are The Reasons Why You Must Eat Dry Fruits Every Day!

The body needs an extra amount of supplementary content, to handle its micro functions which in turns build the major human ecosystem. Such value can be provided in many other ways, yet nuts like cashew, almonds, walnuts, and all other dry fruits take the first place. Nutrients, vitamins, and dietary fibers are power-packed in dry fruits, hence every nut serves specific benefits to the body. Nuts are not only healthy but also delicious, no one can ever dislike the yumminess of dry fruits. The rich aroma, texture, size, nutritional value, quality, and taste, every specification of dry fruits make the expensive in the market. 

Cashew, Raisins, Almonds, Apricots, Dates, Pistachios, Anjeer or dried figs, Kishmish, Walnuts, and Edible seeds, all these are called Dry Fruits.

Dry Fruits With Their Benefits

These highly enriched Dry fruits contribute various health benefits, continue reading…

Health Benefits of Dry Fruits:

Enhances Immune System:

With all the goodness loaded in every nut, the body gets enough nutrients, oils, antioxidants, and power to resist outsiders, thereby boost up the immune system

Weight Management:

Nuts are super foods and are an excellent source of a balanced diet, dry fruits all are composed of low fat, low sugar, and fewer carbohydrates which makes a sustainable lifestyle with proper weight management 

Healthy & Youthful Skin:

Nuts are a rich source of proteins and a powerhouse of antioxidants that help skin maintain its elasticity and regenerate cells to bring a youthful appearance. 

Combats Health Discomforts:

Dry fruits enhance the digestive system, help relieve constipation, improve gut and bowel movements with their rich dietary fibers 

Fight Against Cancer:

Dry fruits not only contribute to the healthy functioning of the body but also fights against the infections and tumors that cause cancer. The phyto nutrients present in dry fruits help prevent tumors and cancer cells.

Improves Blood/Hemoglobin Content:

Dry fruits are a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B, and K, and minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, zinc all together Enhance the hemoglobin levels of the body

Different Types Dry Fruits & Their Benefits:


Most people choose almonds for their toppings, because of the taste and aroma of almonds. These are healthy as well as super foods Enriched with antioxidants. This is why it's an ideal supplement for healthy, young, and glowing skin.


Benefits of Almonds:

  • Power-packed with vitamin E, minerals, and loaded with Antioxidants 
  • Improves Cardiac health, as almonds have low carbs and fats, they can enhance heart health and prevents the risk of heart problems
  • Levels of Minerals such as magnesium levels, almonds are a good source of supplements for patients with high blood sugar
  • Improves skin health, by reducing the aging signs
  • Almonds aid Weight management, it balances the LDL cholesterol levels and helps reduce unnecessary fat content in the body


Apricots are the best snack nuts, they reduce hunger with their fuller properties. Apricots are a good source of minerals like copper and magnesium, also vitamins like A&E, healthier antioxidants all these together fight, resist, and prevent the body from many health conditions.


Benefits of Apricot

  • Vitamins present in apricot especially vitamin A result in providing good eyesight or improving vision
  • Minerals in apricot improve bone health and strength 
  • Antioxidants in apricot contribute to healthy skin
  • Due to their fullest nature, apricots help curb the cravings and thus aid in Weight loss
  • Apricot keeps the body enough hydrated
  • Relieves constipation and encourages gut health


Cashews are the most delicious and popular nuts. It's a powerful combo of vitamins and minerals. It serves a lot of health benefits to the human body of any age group. These tasty nuts have good amounts of protein which are the building blocks of the body. These are consumed directly or used as garnish and toppings for dishes.


Benefits of Cashews 

  • Rich in Vitamin B6 and E, aids healthy glow and hydration in the body
  • Induces magnesium and other minerals that enhances hemoglobin in the body
  • Cashew when included in the regular diet helps in weight loss
  • It does help to eliminate unnecessary cholesterol from the body and improves heart health and reduces the risk of heart diseases
  • Cashews provide healthy polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats 


Dates are nutritious supplements, they are super tasty and very healthy. Dates are rich in fiber content. They are a perfect fit on the plate for regular diets and weight watchers. Dates provide ample amounts of iron to the body which improves hemoglobin levels. There are two types of dates: wet and dry. 


Benefits of Dates:

  • Dates supply a rich amount of fiber to the body also help curb cravings
  • Dates are rich in antioxidants which in turn combats many health conditions 
  • Improves brain health and concentration levels
  • Dates energize the body because of the calorie content in it
  • Make your tummy fuller and lets you not prone to eat much, yet provides enough energy
  • Enhances digestion, increases immunity and gut strength 

Dried Figs: 

Dried Figs are an excellent source of superfoods to boost the immune system. Dried figs are enriched with antioxidants and components like iron, magnesium, and calcium. These are a power-pack of ample nutrients. Dried figs are a must-have company while having other nuts to add mild sweetness to the whole nuts in the mouth.

Dried Figs

Benefits of Dried Figs

  • Antioxidants present in dried figs help in providing healthy skin
  • Calcium in dried figs helps Improves bone strength and performance 
  • Nourishes the whole body and energizes every elements 
  • Dried figs are good sources of food to spice up your weight loss journey
  • Helps relieve seasonal illness and respiratory problems
  • Dried figs are extremely nutritious, and calorie-dense substitutes


Walnuts are stoned dry fruit envelopes for healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Also composed of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Walnuts are preferred to keep overall health balanced and to fight against the risk of various health concerns.


Benefits of Walnuts

  • Walnuts help improve mental health
  • Controls the risk of cancer with its anti-cancer properties 
  • Excellent source of diet for people suffering from type2 diabetes 
  • Walnuts may improve the risk and adverse effects of blood pressure
  • Super plant protein for inflammation, healthy gut, and weight management 
  • The amount of antioxidants present in walnuts helps bring healthy skin

Raisins or Kishmish:

Raisins are grapes dried for a certain period to make raisins. These taste mildly sweet. It has plenty of minerals and vitamins. The iron content in raisins helps in a healthy amount of hemoglobin. Raisins are a prime part of weight management and are perfect for diet watchers. Raisins can bring many health benefits, a handful of raisins can be a savior for the day for people with digestive problems.

Raisins or Kishmish

Benefits of Raisins

  • Raisins Aids Weight loss 
  • Raisins help reduce gastritis problems and improve the digestive system
  • Helps regulate bowel movements and fights constipation 
  • Raisins are good for the skin, eyes, and immune system
  • They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, and iron


Prunes are a boon to health and are loaded with nutrients and vitamins like A, and K that help provide the right amount of carbs and fiber to the body. Prunes are a pack of powerful minerals like potassium and iron. Uplift health care with some pounds of prunes daily along with some potent nuts. Prunes may prevent hemorrhoids too.


Benefits of Prunes:

  • Prunes help improve cardiac health, strengthen bones and muscles 
  • Improves immunity and boosts energy 
  • Prunes in a diet can manage cholesterol levels
  • Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and fibers
  • Prunes may prevent the management of blood pressure 


Pistachios are everyone's favorite nuts, the joy of taking the nut from the shell is satisfying. Besides, pistachios are super healthy and yummy. Vitamin E present in them brings healthy glowing skin. Carotenes, folic acid, selenium, and other essential minerals in pistachios make them unique rich must-have supplements for a daily diet. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties provide various benefits to the body.


Benefits of Pistachios:

  • Pistachios make the tummy fuller and can help suppress hunger
  • Rich in iron, calcium, manganese, and potassium 
  • Pistachios may help reduce bad cholesterol in the body and prevents the risk of heart diseases
  • They are a rich source of food for strengthening the immune system
  • Pistachios may also help reduce the amounts of sugar levels in the body


Hazelnuts are excellent sources of balanced fat and fiber. These nuts are sweet to taste, they can be grounded and mixed in your smoothie. Hazelnuts are labeled for vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Natural sugars present in Hazelnuts help produce enough energy for daily activities, it's a perfect nut to Kickstart your day.


Benefits of Hazel Nuts:

  • Hazelnuts with a sustainable amount of fat and iron help enhance heart health
  • Reduces bowel stress and strengthens gut
  • Maintains healthy weight and balances the amounts of cholesterol in the body
  • Good for men's internal organs health
  • Hazelnuts help in managing the insulin content in the body, thereby reducing the chances of high sugar levels 

A Healthy Quantity of Each Dry Fruit To Consume in a Day:

  • Pistachios - 3 a day
  • Raisins - 4 - 5 a day
  • Almonds - 20 a day
  • Dried figs - 2 to 3 a day
  • Cashews - 2 to 3 a day
  • Hazelnuts  - 2 - 4 a day
  • Walnuts - 3-4 a day
  • Dates - 3-4 a day
  • Prunes - 6 a day
  • Apricots - 5 a day

A Body for the healthy functioning of every organ needs all these micro supplements in moderate amounts as they are building blocks of the whole balance of the body and thrive a healthy as well as a quality life.

Enough said, what are you waiting for? Go grab quality dry fruits online now at Distacart and say cheers to a healthy lifestyle!

Dry Fruits FAQs:

1. Does eating dry fruits good for our health?

Dry fruits bring essential nutrients, oils, vitamins, and minerals to the body, and the goodness of these supplements to the body enhances skin glow, hair growth, and overall wellness

2. Do we need to soak dry fruits before we eat them?

Yes, to enrich the taste and nutritional value of dry fruits soak them overnight or a few hours before you consume them

3. Does Eating too many dates have side effects caused?

Eating too many dates causes stomach pain, and may result in weight gain, hence moderation is the key.

4. How many almonds to eat per day for good skin?

6 skin peeled almonds are a good amount to eat per day for good skin

5. Do raisins help in skin whitening or lightening?

Raisins fight cellular damage and repair the skin cells to keep the skin healthy, clean, and glowing

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