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December 22, 2020 Medically Reviewed By: Dr Manu Chandra(BAMS)

Himalaya Herbals – Bonnisan Liquid For The Good Health Of Your Babies:

Did you know that gastrointestinal disorders are one of the most common causes of discomfort in infants and young children? It affects every 1 out of 5 infants on average.

This is mainly because the infants' digestive system does not develop until they reach one or two years of age. Thus, they are more vulnerable to intestinal colic and indigestion disorders.

Effect of colic in infants:

Colic can be a serious problem in babies, mainly if it is not treated on time. It may cause severe symptoms like:

  • Abdominal pain that is manifested by the infant crying.
  • Colic may cause the infant to develop signs of fussiness that persists even after he/she stops crying.
  • Recurrent episodes of crying and screaming in the evenings.
  • Apparent discoloring on the infant's face that may be red or pale.
  • Infant's body appears stiff, and it can be visible in their legs, arms, fists, and back.
  • The infant's abdomen is also stiff due to colic.
Effect of colic in infants

    Such symptoms may also arise due to other digestive disorders. The cascade of such symptoms may lead to clinical conditions for young ones.

    So, how do we manage these conditions? One thing to note here is that we cannot levy heavy drugs on infants as they are unable to absorb and digest such chemicals. This being the case, relying on a more natural alternative as treatment would be a smarter choice.

    One thing that pops into the mind while thinking of natural medications is Ayurveda. This ancient science has been delivering remedies for some of the most complicated health conditions since time immemorial. One of the leading companies dedicated to Ayurvedic medicine is Himalaya Herbals. They have manufactured a variety of herbal products that are curated with the medicinal principles of Ayurvedic herbs.

    One such innovation is the Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid that is targeted to provide relief from colic in infants.

    What is Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid?

    Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is an Ayurvedic formulation used in infants or children to relieve the discomfort caused due to gastrointestinal disorders and digestive disturbances. 

    Himalaya Herbals – Bonnisan Liquid


    The herbal product is full of an all-natural list of ingredients that help treat gastric disturbances in infants and create a state of balance in the physiology of infants.

    The composition of Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid includes:



    Popularly known as long pepper, Pippali is a well-known digestive agent that has been used in treating digestive disorders. It also helps in providing relief from abdominal pain. The herb also possesses carminative properties. The carminative action helps eliminate excessive digesta or gas accumulated in conditions like colic. It also modulates the secretion of gastric juice.

    Dill oil:

    Dill oil

    In Ayurvedic medicine, Dill oil is a classic herb that has anti-spasmodic properties. Under health conditions such as that of colic, there is a lack of movement in ingesta in the GIT. Dill oil provides relief and establishes movement and relieves muscular spasms.



    Apart from being one of the most common spices used in Indian households, Cardamom enables carminative stimulation when consumed and also displays antispasmodic properties in the body. It helps improve the infant's appetite and digestion in GIT.

    These vital herbs are combined in Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid as well as Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Drops.

    Health Benefits & Properties:

    The Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan has a potent effect on the infant's body. Some of the health benefits of this Ayurvedic medication include:

    • Carminative action: The carminative effect is responsible for the removal of gases that may accumulate either in the stomach or in the GIT of the infant. It is a probable cause of the buildup of colic. Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid has a carminative action on the gastrointestinal tract and helps in removing excess gas from the tract.
    • Improvement in digestion: The Bonnisan drops have a potent effect on digestion in infants. It improves digestion as well as absorption of food in infants and young children.
    • Antispasmodic:The Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquidalso reduces muscular spasms that may occur in the GIT and are often a cause of abdominal pain, especially in infants.
    • Appetite stimulant:The herbal product is also used to increase the diet in young children as it has a positive effect on the appetite. It also promotes healthy weight gain in infants to promote their growth and effective development.
    • Anti-nausea or antiemetic action: Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is also an effective drug against conditions like vomiting, which is common in young children as it may indicate indigestion, dyspepsia.
    • Anti- secretory: Ayurvedic medicine also reduces the production of gastric juices that may enhance conditions like dyspepsia.
    • Antioxidant:Himalaya Herbals Bonnisanis a powerful anti-oxidizing agent. It helps remove any free radicals that may be present in the body and may pose a threat to the normal metabolism.
    • Antimicrobial: Bonnisan also helps destroy the pathogens that may be present as microflora of GIT in infants. Thus, it has an antimicrobial effect and prevents the body from foreign infections.
    • Anti-inflammatory:Bonnisan drops or liquid reduces the initial signs of inflammation that may not be visible in infants at times. It helps in reducing pain, redness, pallor, and swelling that may cause pain and discomfort to the young one.
    • Stomachic:Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is a proactive stimulant of gastric activity. It promotes the efficiency of digestion in the stomach and better absorption.
    • Hepatic Stimulant:In addition to its stomachic action, Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquidalso has a positive effect on the liver's metabolism and physiological operation. It promotes the production of bile that, in turn, facilitates better digestion.
    • Hepato-protective:The Ayurvedic preparation is also beneficial in inducing a hepato-protective action in young children. It also has healing properties that develop in promoting good health and function of hepatic cells.
    • Anthelmintic: As Bonnisan has antimicrobial properties, it helps in the removal of pathogenic protozoa that develop during the development of GIT of infants. It helps in controlling the pathogen number.
    • Prebiotic:Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquidcan also act as a prebiotic that aids in the gastric development that occurs in infants during the early stage of life.

    Clinical Uses:

    Himalaya Bonnisan Liquid has acquired various types of clinical uses for treatment in infants. A few of them include:

    • Infant colic and abdominal pain:As mentioned under the health benefits of Bonnisan, it displays an antispasmodic, antiemetic, and antioxidant effect on the infant's body. All of these factors help alleviate the symptoms of colic. Infant colic is characterized by impaction in the gastrointestinal tract that causes abdominal pain. The antispasmodic action of Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid reduces the spasm in intestinal muscles that relieves abdominal pain.
    • Accumulation of gas: Under conditions like improper digestion, dyspepsia, or bloat, there may be an accumulation of gas in the stomach or intestine. Bonnisan Drops provide relief in conditions of bloating in infants as it has carminative properties that help in efficient removal of gases from the stomach and rest of GIT.
    • Gastric indigestion:Himalaya Herbals Bonnisanis a powerful stomachic agent that aids in improving the function of the stomach. This is especially useful for infants as they are more prone to gastric indigestion and associated problems. The herbal product is beneficial in alleviating the problem of indigestion.
    • Constipation:The stomachic and carminative action of Bonnisan is also helpful in increasing movement in the intestinal tract and thus, helps in getting rid of constipation as it is favorable for a bowel movement.
    • Feeding intolerance:Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is well-known for its ability to increase the appetite of young ones. It induces positive stimulation on the appetite and increases weight gain in infants.
    • Gastroesophageal reflux: Bonnisan exerts antispasmodic and anti-nausea properties when given to infants. These properties are helpful in conditions like spitting, where a strong gastroesophageal reflux occurs in young children due to the inability to swallow their food properly. Thus, Bonnisan is a good remedy for treating reflux.
    • Emesis:Vomiting and nausea are very common in young individuals under the age of 1. The anti-emetic and anti-nausea properties of Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid help in controlling emesis and maintains normal pH of GIT to avoid acid buildup.
    • Borborygmus: Borborygmus is another term used to denote flatulence. It is a common condition in children that may be caused as a result of disturbances in gastric and intestinal operation. Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is effective in providing relief from flatulence and the dyspepsia that may be associated with flatulence. It displays carminative action, which helps eliminate gas from the body.
    • Bloating: Bloat is an excessive accumulation of gas in GIT that may interfere with the respiration of young ones. If bloat is left untreated, it may be a life-threatening condition. Bonnisan drops are useful in providing relief from the bloating due to its carminative and prebiotic action.

    Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is revolutionary in terms of an infant therapeutic drug. It provides natural therapy for several digestive disorders that cause discomfort in young ones. It is a much more efficient and safer option than allopathic medicine. The high dosage of chemicals is hard on infants' delicate and immature stomach, and it hampers their well-being. Thus, it is wise to give your children the choice of health in the form of Bonnisan syrup.

    How To Use :

    • Infants up to 1 month – ½ tsp three times a day, or as suggested by your doctor.
    • 1-6 months – 1 tsp three times a day, or as suggested by your doctor.
    • 6 months to 3 years – 2 tsp three times a day, or as suggested by your doctor.
    • It can be safely used for a period of 2 – 3 months time, with gradual decrease in dosage.

    Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid FAQs:

    1. Are there any side effects of Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid?

    No, Bonnisan liquid from Himalaya Herbals does not have any known side effects, and it is safe for consumption by children. However, it is wise to consult your pediatrician before consumption.

    2. What is the difference between Bonnisan Liquid and Bonnisan drops?

    Nothing. Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is the same as Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan drops, and the only difference is in the method of intake. The chemical composition is the same in both products.

    3. Does Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan have Dill oil?

    Yes, Dill oil is one of the three components present in Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid. It provides antispasmodic properties to the product.

    4. Who can take Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid?

    Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is targeted to be consumed by infants and young children that are under the age of 3 years.

    5. How do you know if a child has colic?

    Crying is one of the signs of colic as it arises due to abdominal pain. But, children and newborns can cry due to a variety of reasons such as indigestion, gastric disturbance, dyspepsia, and colic. Recurrent episodes of crying with specific intervals can be a peculiar sign of colic in infants. They cry due to the abdominal pain that may occur due to impaction. The Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is a good remedy to provide relief from colic in infants and young children.

    6. What is the age-wise dosage of Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid?

    Although the proper dosage of this herbal product should be consulted with a practitioner, the recommended level of safe dose in different ages is as follows:
    • Infants < 1 month: ½ teaspoon
    • 1-6 months: 1 teaspoon
    • 6 months - 3 years: 2 teaspoons

    7. Is drowsiness associated with consumption of Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid?

    No, Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid does not cause any drowsiness or sedation when given to infants. The drug is safe for consumption without any side effects.

    8. Does Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid have an addictive effect on children?

    No, there is no such effect associated with Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid. It does not have an additive effect on infants.

    9. Is Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid effective in flatulence in children?

    Yes, Himalaya Herbals Bonnisan Liquid is effective in the treatment of flatulence in infants and young children. It has a carminative property that helps in the removal of excessive gases from the gastrointestinal tract.

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    April 15, 2022

    Bonnisan helped my two year old son alot,he had diarrhea for almost a month,after I gave him Bonnisan the diarrhea stopped,he had lost a lot of weight, right now he is back to being his old self,thank you Bonnisan.

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