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April 16, 2022

Importance of Wearing Dhotis:

The Dhoti is one of the oldest and most classic fashions that men can wear stylishly. It is an iconic part of Indian culture that has recently attracted a lot of attention. It appears to be modern and trendy, although it is rooted in the past. Dhoti styles have evolved over time, taking on many different forms as time and trends change. In the end, it made its way to being one of the most popular male fashion trends. These dhotis are now seen on all of the major runways as well as online. Dhoti pants are now available in a wide variety of colors, designs, styles, and novel fabrics. Below listed are all some of the importance of wearing Dhoti and also the instruction on how to wear it:

Importance of Wearing Indian Dhoti

Why do you wear a Dhoti?

Although the reason for wearing men’s dhoti is a personal choice, dhotis are most commonly worn in India for two reasons. First and foremost, it is as comfortable as it gets. It is the ideal clothes for India's warm climate because it is light and thin. It is also too comfortable to wear because it does not stick to the legs and allows enough ventilation for both the legs and the manly parts. Second, it is worn as a fashion statement. It is a very comfortable bottom, but it also looks fabulous. You can wear it with a decent kurta or a shirt and also be ready to show it off in elegance.

Benefits of Wearing Dhoti:


You may be aware that dhoti is the most suitable clothing for a hot climate. During the summer season, it is too comfortable to wear and also you can easily move at any place. In certain cultures, most people will sit on the floor, and at that time, the dhoti is easier when compared to the difficult task of sitting on the floor while wearing jeans or some other pants.

Easy to Sit on the Floor:

As mentioned earlier, you may be aware that culture demands you to sit on the floor while eating lunch and while doing Pooja in your home or outside. You may feel very difficult to sit on the floor when you are wearing a pant because it is not very flexible like a dhoti. So, it is one of the main benefits of wearing dhoti in these times.

Avoid Bad Odour:

when wearing pants, there is a higher risk of unpleasant odour due to the excessive accumulation of sweat around the genitals. The lack of ventilation between your legs and private areas causes this. Wearing a dhoti is a great way to solve this problem.

Different Types of Dhotis:

Indian Dhoti

The dhoti for men's is an unstitched piece of cloth worn in India by wrapping it around your legs and pulling the lower half of it inside the waist wrap from behind. After the dhoti is tucked in, pleats form on the front side, resulting in two separate pieces for each leg, similar to loosening pants. A simple drape such as the Otte dhoti or single dhoti normally consists of four Muzham or 3.7 m long. Rettai dhoti, also known for double dhoti, is sometimes used in formal functions. Since Rettai dhoti texture is thinner when compared to another type. If you wear this two-layer dhoti, you will feel too comfortable. Based on your special occasion, it is typically worn with a shirt, a kurta, a jacket, or almost all men's tops. In addition, the type of footwear you can wear with a dhoti is determined by the event. Leather chappals, Kolhapur chappals, or traditional Indian shoes like juttis or mojaris are also considerable options. In the below, you can get a different category of Dhoti:

Plain Dhoti:

The Dhoti can be wrapped in a number of ways, but the plain wrap is one of the most popular. This dhoti wearing style is most common in southern India. The clothing is folded in half up to the knees when the men are doing difficult work. Cotton dhotis are commonly worn when working in the fields. Politicians typically wear this kind of dhoti since it is seen as a symbol of respect and dignity.

Silk Ddhoti:

The dhoti is worn with a kurta during marriage ceremonies, and Angavastram is utilized to cover the man's upper body. The groom wears pearl necklaces and numerous gold decorations with the dhoti to complete the image. The groom has a graceful air around him and exudes elegance. The dhoti can be made from cotton or raw royal silk for that added touch of class and elegance.

When a boy wears a dhoti for the first time, a dhoti ceremony is organized to honour him. This shows his growth from childhood to adulthood and confirms his manhood. Due to innovation and technology, the silk dhoti has evolved. It remains, however, at the heart of Indian culture, and Indian men wear it with great pride.

Golden Border Dhoti:

This garment is available in two colors: white, gold and cream. Cotton or silk fibres can be used to make this cloth. It is generally formed of a gold border in most southern locations. This gives it a more rich and sophisticated appearance. This Dhoti is usually made out of long pieces of fabric. In the southern lands, clothes are tied with approximately five knots. The way people dress varies from one country to another country. Once you have learned the art of tying a Minister White dhoti shirt, you can style it in any manner you choose.

Ottiko Kattiko Dhoti:

In this modern world, dhotis play an important innovation. Traditional clothing is still worn in various parts of society. However, several improvs and western have given the world of dhoti pants the structure of a dhoti mixed with a pair of western trousers. The cleverness of the concept and the tasteful colours used to bring out the essence of these pants can be seen. This is a lovely, totally unisex breakthrough.

Fancy Dhoti:

Compared to normal meter dhoti, ready-made dhoti comes in many fashionable designs. In this, you can get a variety of colours. Based on your shirt colour, you can choose the bordered fashion dhoti. When you are wearing out, you will get self-confidence, and you will look amazing with this fashionable wear of dhoti. Even if you want only a gold-bordered dhoti in fashion, it is also available in Distacart.

How to Wear the Dhoti:

Do you know how to wear Dhoti? If not, here is the easiest and fastest method to learn how to wear:

  • The first step is to fold it in half to half its original length.
  • You can wrap it close to your body and tighten it. Vertical stripes should be held in the left hand at the top.
  • Wrap one half around your body and hold it behind your back. Fold the wrapped-around side.
  • The Dhoti is often worn at knee level to promote flexibility and ventilation. Begin by turning over and grabbing one end of it or bringing it to you by bending your knee. Pull the other side up and tie the ends together loosely.

There is no right or wrong way to wear a Dhoti, and you can be as creative as you like. You can also use some feature pockets and belts for increased convenience.

Dhotis come in various styles and can be styled in a variety of ways. The traditional dhoti is simple while still elegant and stylish at the same time. In the northern parts of India, dhoti has become more colorful, whereas, in the southern parts, they have remained white with a colorful border.

Indian Dhoti FAQs:

1. Why do you dress in dhotis for Pooja?

Dhotis are a very comfy garment to wear while doing your Pooja. It is a traditional Indian outfit. There were no jeans or pants to wear in ancient times. Even in the twenty-first century, people dress in dhotis for Pooja to appear ethnic.

2. Is the Dhoti a formal garment?

Silk dhotis with embroidered borders are considered formal clothing. Dhotis come in simple or solid colours. The Dhoti is the male version of the sari, which women wear at religious and secular rituals.

3. What is the significance of the Dhoti?

The word dhoti has arrived from the Sanskrit word "dhauta." Several prominent Indian politicians across the Indian wear it as their traditional clothing. It was initially only worn with a kurta. The Dhoti was also considered to be a respectable and dignified garment.

4. What is the best way to determine dhoti size?

A border is a woven strip of fabric that runs the length of the dhoti and attracts attention to the entire garment. A Dhoti's border plays a significant function in improving your style quotient. You can also pick your dhoti size based on your height and your waist size.

5. What exactly is a double dhoti?

The perfect summer clothing in India is considered Dhoti. A double dhoti is a long piece of clothing. It is four metres long, sometimes a little shorter, and it is two layers of smooth, soft cotton that wrap around the lower body.

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